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Nutritionist Shares Simple Tips To Get Past The Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss tips: Nutritionist Pooja Makhija referred to the "Happy Weight Syndrome" in the video. Know more about this.

Nutritionist Shares Simple Tips To Get Past The Weight Loss Plateau

Weight loss tips: Increase the intensity of your exercise routine to lose weight effectively


  1. Exercise regularly to shed weight effectively
  2. Several ways can help you break the weight loss plateau
  3. Increase the intensity and duration of your exercise

After a successful weight loss journey, many people face a period when the weighing scale just refuses to budge. Most of us are left frustrated or confused as to what we are doing wrong. Shedding light on this issue, nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently suggested a simple hack to get past the weight-loss roadblock. In an Instagram Reels, Pooja referred to the 'Happy Weight Syndrome' and said, "This is where your body resists weight loss because it is extremely happy and comfortable with the math of its metabolic burn." She further explained that there are two ways to get past the weight loss plateau. The first is to eat less, but the celebrity nutritionist does not recommend this. "Eat less, weigh less and have less health. This is something I would not recommend ever," Pooja said.

Weight loss tips: Follow this tip to break weight loss plateau

Suggesting the right method, she asked viewers to step up their exercise routine. "Increase either the duration or the intensity of what you were doing previously." Pooja added, "The idea here is: When the car is parked, you have to increase the force of the push, not cut down the fuel supply." Along with the video, she wrote, "Your weight has hit a major roadblock? Don't be disheartened or find a wrong shortcut."

As recommended by the nutritionist, you can make necessary changes in your exercise routine to break the weight loss plateau.

Recently, the celebrity nutritionist also explained the difference between 'emotional hunger' and 'actual hunger'. She explained that understanding the difference was important to manage our health, avoid overeating and prevent digestive ailments. Along with the video, she wrote, "These are testing times and many are eating just to keep emotions from boiling over. But eating without the body's need for it is only adding to our troubles. Quick easy way to distinguish the two hungers and oh so effective," she wrote in the caption.

She said, "Take your snack of choice in a bowl and walk with it to a table. Remove all distractions such as tablets or smartphones and start eating the snack. If eating without distractions annoys you, then this means that you were only emotionally hungry. If you enjoy eating the snack without distractions, then this means that you were really hungry."

Try these tips and break your weight loss plateau.

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