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Know All About Kulith, The Super Pulse Of India: Health Benefits And More

Kulith is grown all across the country and is easily available in markets.

Know All About Kulith, The Super Pulse Of India: Health Benefits And More

Rujuta Diwekar says kulith helps in dealing with kidney stones


  1. Kulith Dal helps in weight loss
  2. Kulith crop can grow in difficult agricultural conditions
  3. The dal is suitable for diabetics as well

Dals, pulses and legumes are some of the most underrated items in the Indian kitchen. They are responsible for completing our meals and give us a glowing skin. Good quality of pulses represents a healthy soil. They are nothing less than an asset for the Indian cuisine. Agrees celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, who recently took to Facebook to share some health benefits of kulith dal or horsegram. She considers the dal as "the super pulse of India". The pulse is grown all across the country and is easily available in markets.

In her post, Rujuta goes on to write some amazing health benefits of kulith dal. These include burning fat and preventing kidney stones, dark circles and stretch marks. The dal is especially helpful when it comes to recovering from diseases like cold, flu and even migraines.

cold and cough

Kulith can be helpful in dealing with conditions like cold and flu

What's more is that the dal is comparatively cheaper than other dals like moong or arhar dal.

Nutritionist Pooja Malhotra further adds that the dal is rich in iron, protein, calcium, iron, fibre, and phosphorus. She agrees that pulse is quite under-utilised since it can grow in adverse climatic conditions as well. Kidney stones, piles and ulcers can all be treated by eating kulith dal, according to Pooja.

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"It is very useful for people with digestive issues. You make a khichadi out of it or simply enjoy it with rice. If you are having gastric discomfort or gassiness, make a lentil soup out of it and have it with curd for dinner. It has a good amount of fibre and high glycemic index. This makes it suitable for diabetics," explains Pooja.

She goes on to add that the dal can be included in a weight loss plan as well. "Kulith has folic acid and phenolic acid. These are antioxidants which can be helpful in losing weight. Also useful for kidney stones, ulcers, constipation, piles, menstrual irregularities, boosting sperm counts and treatment of diarrhea," she says.

weight loss

Kulith dal can help in losing weight 
Photo Credit: iStock

Other health benefits of kulith

1) Polyphenols, proteins and flavonoids are some of the major antioxidants that are present in kulith dal. These antioxidants help in keeping our body young and vibrant.

2) Unprocessed kulith dal can help in controlling blood sugar as it slows down digestion of carbs and reduces insulin resistance.

3) Traditionally, kulith dal has been proved to be beneficial in dealing with conditions such as asthma, jaundice and water retention. The dal can be helpful for conjunctivitis and piles as well.

4) Astringent and diuretic properties of the dal can ease out extracting phlegm. It keeps fever under control and also controls levels of cholesterol in the body.


Kulith can help in regulating cholesterol

5) Phenol content in kulith attacks fatty tissue in the body and thus helps in managing obesity.

6) The dal increases energy levels in the body and keeps the body warm.

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Kulith is agriculturally relevant

1. It prevents soil erosion

The vine of kulith grows comparatively faster and becomes dense and thick in a short span. It can grow on a sloping land with poor mineral content. It prevents soil erosion.

2. Its stem can be used as animal feed

Stalks and stems of kulith has nutrients which are good for feeding animals

3. It is an understory crop

Kulith serves as an understory crop - which refers to an underlying layer of vegetation - in southern India. The crop can grow in low sunlight and can easily grow under the trees as well.

4. It is tolerant to drought

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Kulith dal can easily grow in difficult conditions like drought. It can grow on dry lands with little irrigation. These properties make kulith a reasonable source of food, fuel supplement, manure and fodder.

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(Pooja Malhotra is a city-based nutritionist)

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.​


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