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Is It Normal To Masturbate?

You must have heard judgments and negativity surrounds the topic of masturbation, let alone the act in itself. So do you ever worry if the act is even normal? Trust us, it is!

Is It Normal To Masturbate?

How normal is masturbation?


  1. Both men and women masturbate
  2. Masturbation is sometimes doctor recommended
  3. Masturbation improves sexual health and enhances personal relationships

The supposedly-sinful act of masturbation is a person's self-stimulation of genitals in order to experience sexual pleasure or sexual arousal. For this, a person can use own hands or even sex toys. Both men and women masturbate. If you are wondering why we referred masturbation as a supposedly sinful act, it's because there is nothing abnormal or sinful about masturbation whatsoever. And irrespective of it, a person is subject to judgments when he or she admits that they masturbate. A study reveals that 95% men and 89% women ADMIT that they masturbate. So what is so sinful and abnormal about it!

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So why do people masturbate?

It is simple, just for pleasure. In addition to this, some people masturbate in order to release sexual tension that accumulates on them over time. If a person's partner is not willing to have sex or is abstaining from it due to fear of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, masturbation is the safer alternative. Sex therapists recommend masturbation as a remedy to people who experience orgasmic dysfunction in any way, be it delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation. So yes, it is even doctor recommended at times.

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Is it harmful?

So with all the myths and judgments that surround masturbation, you all must be wondering why if it is even normal to masturbate. Masturbation is natural and a harmless expression of a person's sexuality and causes no injuries whatsoever to your genitals or mental health. Masturbation can be practiced throughout your life in moderation. Then why is it subject to so much judgment? Masturbation is considered to be a sinful activity in some cultures and religions due to which you may end up feeling guilty and even ashamed about the same.

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Contradictory to the general belief, masturbation actually improves sexual health and enhances personal relationships as well. Some people feel it is a way to discover better techniques for a more satisfying and pleasurable sexual experience.

Is it normal?

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Masturbation is not an act of perversion or signs of a mental disorder. It is normal, safe, healthy and even pleasurable. It is unnatural and strange only when it is used as a means to cause distress to your partner, done in non-natural locales or is performed too often and too rigorously. This is when it starts interfering with your daily life activities compulsively and disturbs you mentally. 

To conclude, we would just say that we do not promote masturbation for everyone, all we are trying to do here is define that masturbation in no way is abnormal and something you need to feel ashamed of. 


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