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High-Protein Diets For Weight Loss: 3 Side-Effects You Cannot Ignore

Weight loss: High-protein diets may help you lose weight, but they may also cause constipation, headaches and bad breath. Read here to know how.

High-Protein Diets For Weight Loss: 3 Side-Effects You Cannot Ignore

High-protein diets are known to offer weight loss benefits


  1. Choose your protein sources wisely
  2. Eat sufficient amount of healthy carbs too
  3. High-protein diets may cause bad breath

Weight loss: Protein-rich foods are considered to be an essential if you are trying to lose weight. Proteins are considered to be the building block of muscles, skin, blood, bones and cartilage. The body uses protein to repair and build tissues, as well for making enzymes and hormones. All of these reasons are convincing enough for one to include protein-rich foods in daily diet. The daily recommended intake of protein in a day is 0.8 gms per kg of body weight for adults.

Eating a balanced diet can help you eat sufficient protein every day. Some of the most popular sources of proteins are eggs, lentils, legumes, soybeans, tofu, milk and dairy products, chicken, nuts and seeds, and seafood.

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Risks associated with high-protein diets

1. However, eating too much protein may do more harm than good to your health. For instance, most people follow high-protein and low-carb diets for losing weight. This may result in nutritional deficiencies and may even result in insufficient fibre in your diet. The side effects include constipation, bad breath and headaches.

2. Thus, when you follow a high-protein diet, make sure you choose your protein sources wisely. Red meat, for instance, is considered to be a good source of protein. But eating it in excess may lead to heart, kidney and digestion problems.

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3. High-protein diets can have a negative impact on the kidney function of people with kidney disease. Their body may experience trouble in eliminating waste products from protein metabolism.


High-protein diets may affect kidney function in people kidney problems
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If you want to increase your intake of protein, make sure you opt for good quality protein sources. Avoid eating processed foods. You can eat eggs, nuts, seeds, soy protein and dairy products daily. Also what matters is the quality of carbs. Eliminate processed carbs from foods like bread and pasta.

Eat plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. If you want to lose weight and want to increase your protein intake, an effective way to do so can be: eating a protein-rich food with every meal. You can do so by having eggs, nuts, seeds, some cubed cottage cheese as side dish.

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