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Here's How You Can Prevent Seasonal Colds

Seasonal cold can cause lethargy, irritation, and general discomfort. Here's how you can prevent catching a seasonal cold altogether.

Heres How You Can Prevent Seasonal Colds

Getting proper sleep can help better your immunity against seasonal cold and other ailments

Seasonal cold can often be unavoidable as the exposure to other people with cold is heightened. Furthermore, the bacterias, flu, and other causes behind cold are often in abundance. Usually seasonal cold does not require seeing a doctor. However, you can use these simple tips to avoid it altogether. 

Consume immunity boosters 

Immunity boosters are a great way to better and maintain a strong immunity against many diseases. Immunity boosters are medicinal and are often extracted through the ingredients present in our foods, such as ginger, almonds, etc. Immunity boosters, as the term suggests, help boost our immunity. Our immunity works as a shield against all viruses, flu, bacteria, and other carriers of illnesses. Adding to this, immunity boosters can also reduce the degree of the symptoms. 

Avoid touching your face

We contract viruses and various disease carriers via our eyes, nose, mouth, wounds, and other ways in which they can enter the body. In order to avoid contracting seasonal cold, you must avoid getting your hands anywhere near your face. This will help reduce the possibility of transferring any cold carriers into your body. In case you need to touch your face, make sure to properly wash or sanitise your hands. Keeping a sanitiser handy is always helpful in protecting yourself from all kinds of flu, viruses, and bacteria. 

Avoid drinking and smoking

Consumption of alcohol and cigarettes not only affects your liver and lungs respectively but also breaks down your body's immunity. Besides lungs, cigarettes are also extremely harmful to the throat. Hence, consumption during a season change or during a cold can make it worse. Consumption of medicinal and food-sourced immunity boosters can also potentially nullify by regular drinking and smoking. Furthermore, alcohol and cigarettes have proven to reduce the effectiveness of various vaccines.

Regularly sanitise your surroundings

If coronavirus has inculcated anything good, it is definitely sanitising yourself and your surroundings regularly. You must follow this routine to lead a life free of any viruses, flu, colds, etc. Sanitising and cleaning your surroundings regularly not only keeps the carriers away but also helps keep dirt and dust at bay. Dust often also causes irritation in the nose and throat.

Get good sleep

Good sleep is the secret to a happy and healthy life. A good night's sleep is not only helpful in recharging the body and mind but also gives your body the strength to ward off any illnesses or carriers that might cause sicknesses such as a seasonal cold. 

Stay hydrated

Water is the solution for almost all ailments. Drinking ample water and keeping your body hydrated can help your body build a stronger immunity and shield against carriers of cold. An average human is required to consume 2.7 to 3.7 litres of water. 

Avoid air conditioners

As much as it is tempting to turn on the AC after a long hot sunny day outdoors, this sudden change in temperatures can make your cold worse. As a solution opt for a gradual transition and avoid extremely cold temperatures completely. Furthermore, acs can reduce the humidity level in the air around us which can irritate a pre-existing cold. 

In conclusion, keeping these tips in mind can help you prevent catching a seasonal cold. Staying away from bacteria and other causes behind cold is the best way to prevent seasonal cold.

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