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Here Are Some Natural Ways To Gain Height

Being tall is certainly a desirable trait, and here are some natural ways to grow naturally. They can help you gain height even after you're 18!

Here Are Some Natural Ways To Gain Height

Exercise can be helpful in increasing your height


  1. Hang off of monkey bars for gaining height
  2. Do exercises to strengthen your spine for growing taller
  3. Sleeping well can also be helpful in case you want to gain height

If you are 18 and still desire to gain those extra centimetres in height, fret not. While most of a person's height depends on their genetics and quality of nutrition, we're here to tell about some hacks that can help you become taller. The growth hormones in your pituitary gland are responsible for your growth in bones, body composition and metabolism. Along with having a healthy and nutritious diet, a few hacks like doing hanging exercises and sleeping well can also help you gain height. Keep reading to know more. 

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So, if you're looking for some natural ways to increase your height, here you go:

1. Do hanging exercises: Your parents and elders may have made you hang down from a monkey bar at some point in your childhood. While it may have seemed unnecessary and boring at that time, we're here to tell you, it still may work. Hanging will help build your back muscles that reduce spine compression throughout the day, bettering your posture, and keeping your spine upright giving you those extra few inches of height

2. Sleep well: When you sleep, your spine is stretched, and is elongated. You are about an inch or two taller in the early hours of the morning, and as nightfall descends, your spine compresses to bring you a little bit lower. The pituitary gland is also most active while you're asleep, so give it enough time to work. Try sleeping without a pillow too, and put the same under your knees, with your back, flat on the bed. This position is seen to be the most useful when it comes to strengthening your back and spine.

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3. Yoga: Use yoga to strengthen your back and practice a better posture. The key to being a little taller despite adolescence being over, is strengthening your back. The better you strengthen it, the better support the spine will get. Poses like the mountain pose, cobra pose, warrior pose and the child's pose, are all great options for the same. This will keep your back straight, and your head held high, at least an inch or two higher.

4. Avoid substance abuse: Alchohol, tobacco and recreational drugs compromise certain bodily functions. Your blood flow, and nutrient flow may be seriously hampered. This affects your growth, and interferes with the natural growth trajectory your body intends to take.

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5. Magic foods to help you grow: There may be certain foods famed for their height boosting abilities. Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng is packed with nutrients to help nourish your skeleton. Second, is milk. This beauty of an ingredient, is a must have. Keep your bones healthy, your body may reward you with extra height.

6.Have a healthy diet: Eating a balanced mix of fruits, veggies, meats and even carbs can boost your growth hormones. You can't go wrong with a balanced diet, it acts as a nitro boost in the race for you to become the best version of yourself. Keep at it, your nutrient flow will be better, and the body may actually benefit, even in terms of height at times.

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