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Healthy Breakfast Tips: Rujuta Diwekar Answers Most Common Queries

Healthy breakfast tips: No matter which diet plan you are on, you must never skip breakfast, recommends Diwekar. Read here to know more on tips to have a healthy breakfast every day.

Healthy Breakfast Tips: Rujuta Diwekar Answers Most Common Queries

Healthy breakfast: Eggs make for a perfect quick and healthy breakfast option


  1. If you workout in morning, your breakfast can be your post-workout meal
  2. It is important to have healthy, homemade breakfast every day
  3. Prepare for breakfast the night before if you fall short of time

The right kind of breakfast is important for multiple reasons. Not only does it help in weight loss, it also reduces cravings through the rest of the day and helps you maintain a healthy digestive system. Ideally, you should be having your breakfast within two of your waking up. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar also suggests that you should have a fresh fruit, dried fruits or nuts 15 minutes of rising, and then breakfast after an hour or more. Keep reading to know the answers to some of the most common queries about breakfast.

Healthy breakfast tips: Common queries answered

Diwekar takes to Instagram to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about breakfast.

1. How to manage breakfast if you workout in morning?

In this case, your breakfast can be your post-workout meal, recommends Diwekar. A nourishing and wholesome breakfast like poha, idli, upma or parantha is the perfect post-workout meal for rejuvenation.

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2. How to manage your breakfast when you fall short of time?

Being prepared for healthy breakfast the night before can be better in this case. Cutting vegetables at night for poha, upma and uttapams can help you prepare breakfast within 10 minutes in the morning. Eggs make for a perfect quick, healthy and tasty breakfast option. You can have omelette, boiled eggs, fried eggs, and the many diverse variety that eggs can be cooked in.


Poha and upma make for a quick and healthy breakfast options
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3. Is it okay to skip breakfast?

According to Diwekar, no matter which diet plan you are on, skipping breakfast is a bad idea. This stands true for popular eating patterns like intermittent fasting or 2-meals a day diet plan. "At the end of the day, it isn't worthwhile to lose out on wholesome health for a perceived benefit of weight loss. Also, know that regional breakfasts support local economy, preserve traditional cuisines and help connect the people to their cultural roots. They are an integral part of our identity, they tell us where we come from," she writes in her post.

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(Rujuta Diwekar is a nutritionist based in Mumbai)

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