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Weight Loss: 9 Nutritious Breakfast Options That Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss: Breakfast is famed to be the most important meal of the day. A healthy and nutritious breakfast can have a profound impact on your weight loss plans. Here are some healthy breakfast options that you can swear by.

Weight Loss: 9 Nutritious Breakfast Options That Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight Loss: Oatmeal makes for a healthy breakfast option


  1. Oat idlis are a new option to try for low calorie nutrients
  2. Fruits and vegetable smoothies can really help your digestion
  3. Berries and yogurt is a great combination for a hearty breakfast

You start your path to weight loss and fitness from where you start your day. No prizes for guessing that we're talking about breakfast. You can either set yourself up for failure by going for a breakfast that doesn't really suit your needs, or you can make the smart choice and gather your nutrition to set you up well for the rest of your day. Contrary to popular belief too, nutrition doesn't have to come at the expense of taste. Its a good call dropping oily, greasy and fatty breakfasts, with light and nutritious foods that can provide you with just as much energy.

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Weight loss: Here are some breakfast options you could go for:

1. Idli: Idlis are one of the healthiest options when it comes to Indian snacks. They are steamed and are not made in any sort of butter, grease or oil. They are extremely low on calories, and if you absolutely want to avoid carbs, idlis can be made with oats as well. Additionally, idlis are rich in fibre and easy to digest as well.

2. A bowl of oatmeal: Oatmeal is an excellent breakfast option that is only growing in popularity. Oats are high on fibre, high on protein and most importantly low on calories. The fibre also makes you full easily, so you feel like you have all the energy you need. Additionally oatmeal is excellent at managing your blood sugar levels. You may also combine oatmeal with different flavours, to make them a lot more appealing, first thing in the morning.


Oatmeal makes for a nutritious and healthy breakfast
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3. Mixed vegetables: You can't go wrong with a bout of mixed green leafy vegetables. The fibre from vegetables can make you full a lot quicker and is heavily associated with weight loss. You may also like to make smoothies out of some fruits and vegetables to fuel your digestion. Additionally, veggies are a great source of protein, which only aids your weight loss. Peas, capsicum, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce and sprouts are popular choices

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4. Boiled eggs: Eggs are easy to make, and the go to option for numerous individuals around the world. Its famous for its protein supply, and it also is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. It even works toward reducing your appetite. You can enjoy them in various ways, but we suggest boiled, as its the most nutrient packed of the lot. Garnish to taste, and enjoy your breakfast.

5. A bowl of yogurt: We think of yogurt to be hands down delicious. Its got great portions of protein, calcium and fibre to control your appetite. It can be high on calories, but research suggest that the filling capability exceeds the calories, so you consume less calories through the day. You may even add some fruit or flavour as per your taste.

6. Tea: Tea of various varieties green, lemon, ginger, black and oolong, have numerous weight loss benefits. One cup in the morning can do you no wrong. It has excellent metabolism boosting and fat burning capabilities.


You can have a soothing cup of tea with breakfast for weight loss
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7. Mixed berries: Berries pack a punch for their size. They are nutrient rich, packed with anti oxidants and low on calories. They are also rich in fibre, and many key vitamins and minerals. Not only can they make for a delicious and healthy breakfast, but, are great travelling snacks as well. Do beware of artificially sweetened and packaged berries as they are often nutrient deficient.

8. Assorted fruit: You can't go wrong with an assorted bowl of fruit. Its great any time of day, and research even suggests that it can boost your metabolism first thing in the morning. Fruits rich in fibre like grapefruits, kiwis and bananas can make for excellent options. Bananas in particular are fibre rich and low on calories. You may also pick guavas for some fruity protein.

9. Nuts: Not only can they make for excellent toppings on your oatmeal, smoothies or even your yogurt, but they are a great choice for breakfast as well. We wouldn't recommend high calorie nuts like peanuts etc. but go for the fibre and protein rich ones like almonds and walnuts. Be mindful of the fats, most of it is healthy, but in certain packaged varieties, the fat content can be bolstered to unhealthy levels

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