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Know All About The Queen's Fitness And Diet Regime

Here's taking a look at what goes behind the fitness and diet regime of the 'queen' of Bollywood, aka, Kangana Ranaut.

Know All About The Queen

Kangana Ranaut birthday is on March 23


  1. Kangana includes a lot of nutritious foods in her diet
  2. Kangana avoids indulging in junk way too often
  3. The Queen actress includes yoga in her fitness regime

Kangana Ranaut is rightly called the 'Queen' of Bollywood. Everything about the actress has been inspiring and ground-breaking for the industry. Be it the outspoken attitude of our pahadi girl or the way she conquered the industry with her remarkable acting skills in films like Queen, Tanu Weds Manu and Fashion amongst many others... Kangana has been a one-of-a-kind personality in Bollywood. Moreover, her looks and fashion statement have done justice to her being a fashion icon among the aces.

Let's take a look into her fitness and diet regime to better understand what goes behind the dynamic persona and confidence that makes Kangana what she is today.

Her lean body is a clear indication of the fact that Kangana is an ectomorph. Gaining weight is something which has very less possibilities in Kangana's case. However, the glamorous industry of Bollywood demands looking nothing less than perfect on screen. Thus, Kangana's initial years in the industry were focused on getting some curves and going a step ahead from just a lean body.

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Kangana Ranaut's diet regime

She includes a lot of nutritious foods in her diet plan so that she gains the right amount of weight and prevents anything like an unnecessary belly fat. A vegetarian by choice, Kangana keeps changing her intake of carbs and protein, in accordance with the demands of her roles.

The actress usually sticks to eating porridge and cereals for breakfast. Her mid-meal snacks before lunch includes fruits or a protein shake. She prefers keeping it clean and simple during her lunch and hence prefers fresh salad along with dal, rice, boiled veggies and 2 chapattis.

kangana ranaut birthday

Kangana Ranaut is a vegetarian by choice
Photo Credit: Instagram

After lunch in the evening, she likes chugging down on a brown bed or two to keep unnecessary hunger pangs at bay. Her dinner meals are usually light and include nothing more than a soup with either boiled vegetables or a salad.

Alongside eating light and clean, Kangana ensures that she keeps her hydration maintained at the optimum level. She sets a target of drinking at least 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. She takes her meals in a break of 2 hours in a day and makes sure that she doesn't skip meals or overeat as part of any 1 meal. While she avoids junk, oily and fried foods as far as possible, she indulges in a pizza or any of her favourite comfort food every once in a while. It helps in preventing cravings at odd days or odd times of the days.

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Kangana Ranaut's fitness regime

The credit for her toned physique goes to Pilates, yoga, core, strength and weight training. Exercising for an hour or two for 5 days a week is what Kangana swears by.

On Mondays, the actress usually does push-ups, squats and pull-ups along with running for 20 minutes.

Tuesdays involve 45 minutes of kickboxing along with body stretching exercises and elliptical hill workout for 20 minutes.

kangana ranaut birthday

Kangana Ranaut does both cardio and weight training exercises
Photo Credit: Instagram

As mentioned above, she works out 5 days a week and gives herself an off on Wednesdays under usual circumstances, when her schedule allows her to do so.

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On Thursdays, Kangana works out on her abs and lower back. She follows hurdle training and sprinting drill exercises for half an hour. Her abs workout continues for around 20 minutes, which is followed by her workout for lower back.

Kangana's Fridays are dedicated to 45-minutes power yoga followed by meditation for around 10 to 15 minutes.

kangana ranaut birthday

Kangana Ranaut is fond of Yoga as well
Photo Credit: Instagram

Her Saturdays are occupied by turbulence training exercises which help her in getting a better stamina and building a better muscular endurance.

The trend of her daily workouts seem to be a good mix of cardio and weight and strength training - which is considered ideal for effective weight loss as well.

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