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Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa Tells Us How Celebrities Lose Fat, Gain Muscle So Fast

A strict combination of consistent determination, strict control, suitable diet plan and intense physical workout outs is the answer.

Celebrity Trainer Vinod Channa Tells Us How Celebrities Lose Fat, Gain Muscle So Fast

Vinod Channa has helped many celebrities lose weight

This a question that intrigues most people I've come across. We as common people either tend to take more than average time or fail to reach our targets. I have been in the fitness industry for the past 22 years, learning different techniques and training different groups of people, be it a celebrity or a common man to help them achieve their targets within their required time frames. I have been training John Abraham for the movie Force 1 where he had a huge muscular body and then for the movie Shootout and Rocky handsome where he had a lean muscular structure, people always wondered how John reached his target in such a short span of time. 

To answer this question in a nutshell, it is the combination of strong determination, a strict control, a great diet plan and a well chalked out physical workout plan. If these are followed diligently, anyone can gain a desired body type. However, there is some difference in our motivational level, approach towards diet and most importantly the type of trainer that we choose as compared to our celebrities. If anything isn't optimal out of these, you cannot reach your desired target in that time frame.

It is more of a game of experience and knowledge that a trainer has gathered. Most of the time, it is the trainer who plans and keeps the motivation levels of the celebrity high keeping his likes and dislikes in mind. A professional trainer always keeps a very close watch not only on the results and improvements but also ensures that there is no injury involved as even a single injury can take away the time needed to fulfill professional commitments as well as the workout time. As a celebrity trainer, I always keep these things in mind and check the response of the body on the diet and workout intensity as per time period. On a daily basis, we increase and decrease the intensity of workout and make changes to the diet as per the reaction of the body. I feel there is no harm in gaining and losing sudden body mass if done in right way.

John himself loves to workout regularly and follow a strict diet pattern which makes it easier for me to take him forward. We have worked with him on several movies like Force 1, Force 2, Shootout at Wadala, Rocky handsome, Desi boyz, Housefull 2 and working on his current project.

(Vinod Channa is a celebrity trainer and fitness consultant based in Mumbai)

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