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Hair Care Tips: 7 Foods That Can Fight Hair Issues Like Dull, Dry And Brittle Hair

Hair care tips: Foods like spinach, salmon and guava can help in fighting common hair issues like dull hair, dry hair and hair breakage. Read here to know more.

Hair Care Tips: 7 Foods That Can Fight Hair Issues Like Dull, Dry And Brittle Hair

Hair care: Eat foods rich in iron and vitamin c for healthy, strong and shiny hair


  1. Cinnamon can promote blood circulation and help you have shiny hair
  2. Sweet potatoes can help you get rid of dull hair
  3. Eggs can improve hair growth

Just like your skin, your hair needs proper care too. What you eat will directly reflect on the quality of your skin and hair. Including a specific type of foods in your diet can actually help you have the kind of hair that you have been dreaming of. While focusing on getting the desired nutrition from food, it is also important that you avoid using hair products that are loaded with harmful chemicals. If hair care is a serious concern for you, use only those products that are recommended by your expert.

Diet tips for healthy hair

Foods like salmon and spinach can work wonders for your hair health. Here are 10 foods that you must eat regularly if you want healthy hair and scalp.

1. Salmon for shiny hair

Omega-3 fatty acids in fatty fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel can help you have shiny hair. In fact, healthy fats in ghee can also promote hair growth and make your hair shinier and fuller.

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2. Spinach for brittle hair

Including leafy green veggies can take you a long way in terms of preventing brittle hair. Veggies like spinach and kale are a powerhouse of Vitamin A, beta carotene, Vitamin C, iron and folate. All these nutrients can together help you have strong scalp and hair. Eat them regularly and they can keep your hair naturally moisturised as well.


Leafy green vegetables like spinach can help in preventing brittle hair
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3. Guava to prevent hair breakage

This fruit is a rich source of Vitamin C. It can protect your hair from breakage. One cup of guava can provide you 377 mg of Vitamin C.

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4. Protein-rich foods for thick hair

If you want thick hair, you should include eat protein-rich foods regularly. Chicken and turkey are good food sources of protein. Lentils, legumes, milk and dairy products, nuts and seeds, and eggs are other foods that are a rich source of protein.

5. Sweet potatoes to get rid of dull hair

For people who have dry hair that have lost their shine, eating sweet potatoes can be helpful. Beta carotene in sweet potatoes turns into Vitamin A, which further helps in preventing dull and dry hair. It also promotes sebum production. Carrots, pumpkin, mangoes and cantaloupe are other foods that can provide you beta carotene.

6. Cinnamon for better blood circulation

Add to the tadkas of dals or sabzis, or spinkle cinnamon powder on your tea or coffee. It helps in improving blood circulation, which in turns provides more oxygen and other nutrients to your hair follicles.

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7. Eggs for better hair growth

Eggs can topically be applied on your hair as a natural hair conditioner. Eggs contains biotin, a B vitamin which can help your hair grow. You can also eat eggs daily to benefit your hair naturally.

All in all, if your diet includes the food groups mentioned in the points above, you can get soft, silky, shiny, thick and strong hair.

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