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Health Benefits Of Adding Cinnamon To Milk; Learn Method To Prepare This Drink

Cinnamon is a spice that is beneficial for various health conditions. Adding cinnamon to milk is great dose of calcium with the goodness of cinnamon. Read here to know the benefits of this drink and method to prepare this.

Health Benefits Of Adding Cinnamon To Milk; Learn Method To Prepare This Drink

Cinnamon milk can be prepared at home in just a few minutes


  1. Cinnamon can help control symptoms of PCOD
  2. It is also good for diabetics
  3. Cinnamon milk can help you lose weight

Drinking milk is like a ritual at Indian households. It is commonly consumed for breakfast or as a bedtime drink. Drinking milk daily is also good for your health in several ways. It is a healthy habit that should be inculcated in kids since childhood. The benefits of milk are not just limited to a healthy dose of calcium. It is a source of good quality protein and other nutrients like vitamin B12, potassium, magnesium, thiamine, vitamin A and selenium. If consumed in the right quantity, milk can help in weight loss too by keeping you full for longer.

Drinking milk daily is a healthy habit that has been practiced since ages. Several variations have also been introduced to make this drink tastier and healthy. One of the commonly used methods is adding cinnamon to milk. Cinnamon is a spice with a strong aroma and taste. It is usually added to foods to enhance the taste of food. This spice is loaded with several medicinal properties. Adding this to milk can offer you some amazing health benefits that you cannot afford to miss.

Health benefits of cinnamon milk

A glass of warm milk can enhance sleep. Adding cinnamon to milk can also help you fight sleeplessness. This drink can release tension and leave a relaxing effect on your body resulting in a goodnight's sleep.

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Drinking warm milk with cinnamon before bed can help ensure better sleep
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Cinnamon milk can help in weight loss too. Cinnamon boosts metabolism and milk keeps you full for longer. These two make this drink a perfect combination for weight loss.

It is also good for cold and cough. Adding cinnamon to warm milk provides a good amount of antioxidants. You can get relief from symptoms of cold and cough with this drink. It can also help control chronic pain.

Cinnamon also contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. These properties make it good for oral health.

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Cinnamon is loaded with anti-bacterial properties
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Cinnamon is also good for diabetics. It can help in controlling blood sugar levels. This spice is also good for women with PCOD. It can help in controlling symptoms of the condition.

How to prepare cinnamon milk?

Preparing cinnamon milk is quite simple. Take one cup of milk. Now add 2 small pieces of cinnamon or one-fourth tablespoon cinnamon powder to the milk. Now heat the mixture and allow it to boil properly. In the end, after straining the milk add some honey for taste.

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