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How To Manage Eating Healthy While Travelling

A travel plan approaching soon? Read to know how you can prevent eating unhealthy while travelling.

How To Manage Eating Healthy While Travelling

Tips to eat healthy while travelling


  1. Avoid munching on chips and chocolates while travelling
  2. Choose fresh fruit juices over sugary drinks while travelling
  3. Eat a diet low on carbs when you travel

Many people are passionate about travelling. It is surely the best way of learning. When we travel, we get to learn new cultures, languages, religions and even new cuisines. But how do we manage our diet plans and eating healthy at that time? While travelling, it gets a tad bit difficult to avoid spoiling our month long effort of trying to shed those extra pounds. But all we need to do is be a bit more careful and conscious of what we are eating.

So here are a few tips to manage healthy eating while we travel

1. Keep the good snacks handy

We tend to munch more when we are travelling as our mind is relaxed. When we are in a holiday mode, our first instinct is to eat, drink and be merry. But this can be done in a better and healthier way in order to avoid guilt later. Keeping the healthy snacks handy will make us eat only what's in our proximity.

We should avoid carrying unhealthy snacks when on a road trip. These snacks include chips, namkeens, biscuits, chocolates etc. These snacks make us munch even without hunger. We can substitute these snacks with healthier options such as assorted nuts and seeds. Nowadays, a variety of flavoured makhanas and seeds are readily available. These foods make good options for snacking while travelling.


makhanas promote weight loss


When it comes to drinks, cold drinks and sugary drinks should be avoided. One can consider sipping nariyal pani or sugarcane juice on the way. Lemonade can also be carried along as a refreshing and healthy drinking option. Water is the best companion while travelling so rely on sipping water regularly. Water helps in keeping us hydrated and keeps unnecessary hunger pangs at bay.

2. Eat according to the clock

Eating according to the clock is one effective way which can help in managing our diet while travelling. While travelling, one tends to eat as per the mood. But to keep a check on when we eat, we should try eating as per our regular clock and eat the standard 3 main meals and 2 snacks in a day. There is simply no need to keep munching the whole day and neither do we need to skip meals. Taking these actions will instead increase our cravings and we end up eating more in the other meals.

eating while traveling


3. Choose the right meals

While travelling, there may be ample options to eat, and at the same time very restricted options. It all depends on where we are travelling. Nonetheless, we can make our effort in trying to eat healthy by avoiding excessive breads and foods with lots of gravies. We can opt for a tandoori chicken/fish/paneer tikka over a chicken dish with gravy. Adding the fibre of salad will help in keeping us full for longer. Roti and rice can be avoided. If there is an easy availability of cuisines, then we should opt for the less oily and low carb meals. Excessive consumption of sweets should be avoided. Those with a sweet tooth can have sweets as a whole meal and not post a meal.

low carb 625 newPhoto Credit: iStock

4. Limit portion sizes

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Everyone likes to taste almost everything what is served on the table. Someone who is a foodie at heart will feel tempted to try different cuisines. In such a scenario, we should work towards limiting our portion size. This way, we can taste everything and not overeat as well.

So go ahead and travel without thinking too much about the post travel weight gain. Keep in mind these simple tips and make your travelling a memorable experience. 

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