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Tips To Manage Anger And Aggression In Children

Anger management is not only for the adults and grown ups. Your kids may need it too. Here's how you can teach anger management to kids.

Tips To Manage Anger And Aggression In Children

Some anger management tips for your kids


  1. Parents should sit and talk to their children about their life
  2. Teach them the age-old technique of breathing in and out
  3. Encourage them to do more and more drawing and expressive writing

Does your child retort every time you ask him/her to keep away his/her phone? When you ask your children about why they always want to be in their room, or why they are always stuck to their laptops and tabs, do they retaliate way too extremely? These are all instances of children who have short tempers and are extremely intolerant. If your children find it difficult to calm down; don't agree about their aggression; blame others for their actions; behave recklessly or talk, draw or write about violence; it's your turn to sit back and watch the behaviour closely. Your children need your to grow with a calmer and more positive personality.

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Here are a few anger management tips for parents to help their children:

1. Develop and emotional relationship

Many children use aggression in the form of throwing or breaking things, or get physically violent because they don't how to express their feelings. In families where both the parents are in full-time jobs, taking out the time to talk to children, or even have a meal together becomes difficult. Children spend most of the time with their domestic helps, or on their phones and laptops. Its time parents sit and talk to their children, about their schools, their friends, how their life is etc. Parents can turn most conversations into emotional ones and wait until children start responding in the same way. Once that happens, encourage them talk about his anger and the frustration they experience. Avoid disciplining them, as that might lead to them developing the habit of hiding their feelings.

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2. Take it all out

Parents need to encourage their children to pound out their aggression by, say, hitting a punching bag, or throwing a rock on the wall etc. This might help them calm down thereafter. However, this technique should only be used when you notice your child showing fewer signs of anger. According to most researches, this strategy can backfire and cause children to be more impulsive.

3. Teach them to stop and breath

One of the most effective ways to make your child calm down is to teach them the age-old technique of breathing in and out. Every time they start getting angry, ask them to take deep breaths slowly. Doing this repetitively causes relaxation and reduces stress.

4. The power of imagination

Making the child imagine about a family holiday, grandparents' backyards or a tree house, work as a great visual reminder to the child about the good things in life.

5. Write and draw

For parents whose children are too much into drawing or having personal diaries, encourage them to do more and more drawing and writing. This is a very effective and healthy way of venting out their inner-most feelings.

Calming a hot-temper is an essential requirement in today's fast-growing and unpredictable world. Besides, eliminating excess anger and rage in your children will work wonders for having a child who is far more enjoyable to be with. So don't wait and don't give up. We all deserve a healthy and happy family!

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