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Experiencing Eye Strain Too Often? Here Are Some Prevention Tips That Might Help

Itchiness, tiredness and sometimes burning sensation in the eyes can be a sign of eyestrain. Too much exposure to screen is one of the leading causes of eyestrain. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent this.

Experiencing Eye Strain Too Often? Here Are Some Prevention Tips That Might Help

Exposure to screens for too long can negatively affect your eyes in several ways


  1. Wear glasses if recommended by your doctor
  2. Take frequent break from screens for optimum eye health
  3. Vitamin A can help boost eye health

When at home, you tend to spend more time staring at the screens. Too much exposure leads to several harmful effects. Eyestrain is a common condition in this digital age. Eye strain can irritate the eyes, headaches, blurry vision, dry eye, pain in neck, shoulder and back, excessive stress, poor vision and trouble in focusing. This condition can also be a result of driving for long-distance as it can make your eyes tired. But the use of digital gadgets is one of the leading causes. If left uncontrolled eye strain can lead to several problems like macular degeneration, sleep disturbances and in some cases cataract.

Eyestrain can causes discomfort in performing day to day activities too. Here are some tips you can follow to prevent this condition.

Ways to prevent eye strain-

1. Take frequent breaks

It is usually advised to take a 20 seconds break after continuous exposure to screens for 20 mins. Try to create a balance between your work and breaks so that your eyes get enough rest.


Take frequent breaks to give your eyes a break from the screen
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2. Keep the screen at a distance

While working or watching something do not keep the screen to close to your eyes. Ideally, it is advised to keep a minimum distance of 20 inches between the screen and your eyes.

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3. Place your screen at the right position

Not just the distance you should also maintain the right angle of the placement of the screen. Keep the screen at the level of your eyes or slightly below. It should not be above the eye level or too low (staring at low level can lead to text neck).

4. Wear glasses

These days a variety of lenses are available. You can consult an eye specialist to get the perfect glasses for your eyes. Different lenses have different coatings and tints.

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5. Use eye drop if required

You should also describe other discomforts you are facing while working. Many experience irritation or dry eye. Your doctor may prescribe eye drops to address the issues.


Use eye drop if required to fight discomfort
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6. Choose the right distraction

When you are working, you take a break and start using your phone. In this process, you do not give your eye the required break. During a break make sure that you do not use any kind of screens.

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