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COVID-19: 3 Myths About Coronavirus You Must Stop Believing

Coronavirus myths: COVID-19 is caused by a bacteria and drinking alcohol can offer protection from coronavirus are some myths that you must stop believing right now!

COVID-19: 3 Myths About Coronavirus You Must Stop Believing

Coronavirus myths: COVID-19 cannot be treated with antibiotics


  1. COVID-19 is caused by a virus and not a bacteria
  2. It is a myth that drinking alcohol can kill coronavirus
  3. Eating garlic does not provide protection from coronavirus

Myths about coronavirus are often difficult to beat. Some of the most common ones include - COVID-19 is caused by a bacteria; Drinking alcohol can kill coronavirus and eating garlic can help in treating COVID-19. Dr Sylvie Briand of WHO busts some of these myths in its latest IGTV. With pandemic still with us, much longer than any of us would have expected it to be, it is important to get your facts right. Keep reading to know some common myths about coronavirus and COVID-19, which you must stop believing.

Coronavirus myths you must stop believing

1. COVID-19 is caused by bacteria, and can be cured with the help of antibiotics

As it has been mentioned in the video, this is one of the most common queries on Google. However, this is anything but true. "COVID-19 is caused by a virus, and the same has been proven many times. The virus has been isolated by many laboratories in the world. We even have the genetic sequence data of the virus. So, its not a bacteria," says Dr Briand, Director, Department of Global Infectious Hazard Preparedness.

This is the reason why using antibiotics will not help in treating COVID-19. However, some hospitalised patients are given antibiotics to not treat COVID-19, but to prevent superinfection by other bacteria. "This is because some people are really fragile and they may be at risk of catching other bacterial infection on top of COVID-19," she explains.


COVID-19 is a viral and not bacterial infection
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2. Drinking alcohol sanitise you and can kill coronavirus

Drinking alcohol does not cure and doesn't prevent COVID-19 infection. "The virus is not sensitive to the alcohol we drink. People may be confused because hydroalcoholic gel is used to wash and sanitise hands. But, the alcohol that is in the hydroalcoholic gel is much more concentrated. One must not drink it as it can have serious side effects," Dr Briand asserts.

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3. Garlic protects you from COVID-19

There is no evidence so far that garlic can be used as a treatment for this disease. What we do know is that using garlic in excess (thinking that it will treat COVID-19) is not good for health. Washing hands, wearing a mask in crowded places and maintaining physical distancing are other better measures that can offer protection against COVID-19, says Dr Briand.

COVID-19 was a new disease only a few months ago. Studies are still being conducted in order to know more about the virus. Before announcing any results, it is important to ensure all studies conclude to the same thing.

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