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Are You Drinking Enough Water? Watch Out For These Signs And Symptoms Of Dehydration Visible On Your Skin

Dehydration can result in many health issues. Drinking enough water is beneficial for your skin too. Here are some signs of dehydration visible on your skin.

Are You Drinking Enough Water? Watch Out For These Signs And Symptoms Of Dehydration Visible On Your Skin

Dehydration can result in dry skin and itchiness


  1. Dehydration can lead bad breath
  2. You can prevent the risk of kidney stones with high water
  3. Optimum water intake can keep your skin healthy

Almost 60 percent of your body is water. It is advised to drink enough water throughout the day. Water supports various functions of the human body. Not just in summer, drinking enough water is necessary in all seasons. Insufficient water intake leads to dehydration which is linked with some potential diseases. Dehydration can lead to frequent headaches. It can also slow down your metabolism and lead to weight gain. You may also experience lack of energy to complete day to day tasks. Studies also suggest that chronic dehydration can also increase the risk of stroke. Optimum water intake is also a secret to healthy skin. If not consumed enough, it can lead to skin problems.

Many suffer from dehydration but are not aware of it. Individuals fail to understand whether they are consuming enough water or not. Your body may show some symptoms when you are not drinking enough water and some of them are visible on your skin. Here's a list of symptoms visible on your skin that can give you a hint that your body needs more water.

Signs of dehydration visible on your skin

Dehydration can contribute to skin issues. You also lose water through sweat. Rough skin, redness, cracked skin and signs of ageing are visible on the skin when you are not consuming enough water. You may also experience itchiness due to dryness. In some cases, it may lead to dark circles too.

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Drinking enough water can help you achieve glowing skin
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Dehydration can also indirectly contribute to other skin issues like dull skin or acne as optimum water intake flushes out toxins. This results in healthy and glowing skin. Therefore, ill-effects of dehydration are not limited to just dry skin.

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These signs on your skin are often accompanied with other symptoms of dehydration like-

Frequent headaches

Dark coloured and very less urine

Rapid breathing

Constant tiredness, confusion and irritability


Bad breath and dry mouth

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