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6 Natural Therapies To Make You Regrow Your Hair

Use these natural therapies, as recommended by Ayurveda, to prevent hair loss and have healthier and stronger hair

6 Natural Therapies To Make You Regrow Your Hair

These natural therapies will help you regrow hair


  1. Rise of pitta dosh in the body leads to hair loss
  2. Pitta can be controlled by reducing smoking and alcohol consumption
  3. Ayurveda links hair loss with certain impurities in the blood

If all the hair loss treatments have failed to give you effective results, you probably need an alternative treatment which treats your hair naturally, from the roots. In this case, some Ayurvedic remedies which promote hair growth with the use of herbs and fruits can be quite effective and helpful. Ayurveda suggests that the rise of pitta dosh in the body leads to hair loss. Pitta dosh can cause excess heat in the body which can affect our metabolism and lead to unwanted hair loss.

Pitta can be controlled by curbing smoking, intake of alcohol, coffee, tea and acidic foods. Also, one needs to sleep sufficiently in order to ease pitta dosh, reduce stress and promote hair growth.

Read more to know about the natural therapies that can help you regrow your hair:

1. Jojoba oil

Another common ingredient in most hair oils, jojoba oil helps in nourishing the scalp and promotes hair growth. Regular oiling of hair with jojoba oil can help in regulating sleep cycles, reducing stress, preventing grey scale and strengthening hair from the roots.
jojoba oil is good for hair growth

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2. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a herb which pacifies pitta and is extremely rich in antioxidants. You can take ashwagandha supplements to reduce hair fall caused by pitta dosh. Along with building immunity, it helps in clearing away toxins from the body.

ashwagandha pacifies pitta

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3. Amla

Ayurveda links hair loss with certain impurities in the blood. And amla can help in purification of blood. It is an extremely rich source of Vitamin C and numerous other antioxidants and minerals essential for the body. Amla is helpful in reducing grey scale and acts as a hair conditioner. You can mix amla powder in fenugreek powder and brahmi powder, and add it in a bowl of curd. Apply the pack and let it stay for more than an hour. Wash away with a mild shampoo for effective results.

amla purifies blood

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4. Jatamansi (Indian Spikenard)

Jatamansi is a common ingredient in most hair tonics. It acts as an anti-fungal agent which revives roots of hair and also helps in fighting scalp infections. The herb, with a soothing aroma, helps you in having a good night's sleep and also prevents grey scale. You can create a concoction of jatamansi root by mixing it with almond oil, to have shiny and strong hair.

5. Neem

Scalp infections and dandruff are a big reason for hair loss. Antibacterial properties of neem can be extremely helpful in dealing with hair loss because of scalp infections and dandruff. You can apply neem on hair by boiling 1 cup of neem leaves in water. Strain the mixture and rinse your hair with this water after shampoo. It results in flake-free scalp and much lesser hair fall. Massaging head with neem oil can also be helpful in this case.

neem has antibacterial properties

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6. Bhringaraj (Eclipta Prostrata)

Also known as the king of herbs, bhringaraj is known to promote hair regrowth, thus reversing baldness. You can strengthen your hair follicles by applying bhringaraj hair mask on your hair. Or, massaging head with bhringaraj oil and leaving it overnight can help in having shiny hair. 

bhringaraj promotes hair growth

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