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7 Drinks You Should Never Ever Buy Again

Trying to shift towards a healthy lifestyle? Check out these drinks which can contribute to defeating your purpose.

7 Drinks You Should Never Ever Buy Again

Having these drinks might actually be harmful for your health


  1. Energy drinks can harm your health severly
  2. Hot chocolate is overloaded with calories
  3. Milk shakes are not as good as they seem to be

Whenever you go on a health spree or aspire to lose/gain weight to get fitter, it involves a plethora of changes that need to be introduced in your daily lifestyle. From eating right to exercising daily, waking up and going to bed on scheduled times, there are numerous things that you adapt. However, where we often go wrong is ignoring the kinds of drinks that we are having. Sometimes, the kind of drinks that we are having while trying to detoxify the body, might actually turn out to be harmful for us.

So here are a few drinks which we must avoid having:

1. Iced teas

While they are like the ultimate cooling agent in scorching summer heat, iced teas might be as unhealthy as having soda drinks. They can have 250 calories per serving and some of them have even more sugar than their soda counterparts.

iced teas have high sugar content

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2. Hot chocolate

No matter how tempting they are, hot chocolates are a big no-no at all times. Apart from being overloaded with whopping amount of calories, hot chocolate also comprises saturated fat which is more than the recommended amount in one single day. Also salted alternatives of hot chocolate have sodium which can be harmful for those who have heart and blood pressure problems.

3. Flavoured water

Flavoured water is a recently added fad in the beverages market, which claims to be healthier, with lots of vitamins and nutrients. However, the added sugar in flavoured water can be more harmful than helpful for your body.

flavoured water has added sugar

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4. Energy drinks

Energy drinks appear to be the biggest saviour on days when you are sleep deprived or are looking forward to a long day at work. But energy drinks are extremely harmful for health and have been known to cause heart attacks as well. Additionally, they cause weight gain and can even cause fatalities like stroke and psychotic episodes.

5. Milk shakes

Milk shakes are liquid desserts which often do wonders for people who are in a hurry and are looking forward to a quick filling meal. While milk shakes are often promoted for their high calcium content, their high sugar content can nullify any of the benefits that it is known for. A large milkshake from any standard restaurant or café will at least have 500 to 700 calories along with ridiculous amount of saturated fats.

milk shakes are overloaded with calories

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6. Pre-made smoothies

Smoothies make for a popular recommendation for people who are on a health-spree, detoxifying diet. Made with lots of fruits and vegetables, smoothies have been linked to lowering cancer risks and boosting the heart health. But smoothies which are sold at restaurants are often pre-made and can have huge amounts of refined sugar. Some of these are often made with ice creams and full fat milk which further defeats the purpose of smoothies. People should make their own healthy and nutritious smoothies to avoid these blunders.

smoothies can have added sugar

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7. Low-fat yogurt

Yogurt is nutritious and an extremely healthy food item. But there are a lot of chances that the low-fat yogurt which is available in the market, has added sugars so that they taste better. The best thing to do is opt for full-fat, natural or Greek yogurt. But people who want to lose weight can give up on it entirely!
no fat yogurt can have added sugar

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