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6 Things You Should Avoid To Stay Healthy This Summer

During the summer season it is essential to give attention to your diet and lifestyle to beat the health effectively. Here are some mistakes you should avoid to stay heath during the summer season.

6 Things You Should Avoid To Stay Healthy This Summer

Summer health: Eat light and healthy meals that are loaded with seasonal fruits and vegetables


  1. Eat a healthy diet during the summer season
  2. Add plenty of seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet
  3. Stay active to stay fit when at home

As the sun shines brighter and harder, most of India is gearing up to hide from the sun. With the mercury rising and the scorching sun, many may feel exhausted. You might experience dehydration, suffer from a heat stroke and feel exhaust. Hence, it is crucial to take extra care during summer time. Making dietary changes can help you beat the impact of rising temperature. Here are some foods and drinks that are a big NO!

7 things to stay away this summer

1) Avoid UV Rays

Although a great source of energy and vitamin D the sun also contains ultraviolet rays, an invisible element of nature, which is quiet a concern for those living in tropical regions. To protect yourself, stay in the shade especially mid-day, wear clothes that cover your arms and legs, wear a sunscreen, wrap on sunglasses and wear a hat.


Summer: Apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from sun rays
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2) Avoid alcohol

In extreme heat you sweat more and drinking alcohol can make you lose fluids because of an increased urination. This combination can lead to dehydration. Instead stay hydrated with drinks like nimbu pain, aam panda and buttermilk in summer.

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3) Avoid caffeine

Caffeine can increase the risk of dehydration as it is said to be a diuretic, so it is better to be avoided in summer. Drink in moderation.

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4) Avoid carbonated fizzy drinks

These drinks contain extra calories, carbohydrates, sugar and high fructose which can all lead to weight gain and obesity. The carbonated sugary drinks actually make you thirstier than you were before. It is better to replace these sugary drinks with water, coconut water and fresh fruit juices.


Drink lemon water instead of carbonated drinks in summer
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5) Avoid fried foods

Snacks like samosa, pakodas, chips and fries should be avoided during summer. These foods are not easy to digest and can make you bloated. Instead opt for fresh fruits and vegetables during summer.

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6) Avoid inactivity

Summer is a great time for people to engage in physical activity. In the hot season the early morning and late evenings are the best time for exercise. Physical activity helps improve your mental health, prevents obesity, enhances your fitness and improves sleep.

(Dr Anusuya Shetty, MBBS, DNB (General Medicine) Consultant Physician and Diabetologist at Apollo Clinic Bellandu)

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