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Beat The Heat With Saunf: Know 5 Different Ways To Add Fennel Seeds To Your Summer Diet

Fennel seeds leave a cooling effect on your body. You can add these seeds to your diet in several ways. Read here to know some of these.

Beat The Heat With Saunf: Know 5 Different Ways To Add Fennel Seeds To Your Summer Diet

Fennel seeds can help you keep digestive issues under control


  1. Fennel seeds leave a cooling effect on your boy
  2. You can prepare a refreshing drink with saunf in summers
  3. Chew a few fennel seeds after meals

It is essential to consume a healthy diet during the summer season to beat the heat effectively. Other than drinking enough liquids, you must load up your diet with summer-friendly foods that can keep you cool. The Indian kitchen is loaded with such ingredients that can naturally leave a cooling effect on your body. One of these is saunf or fennel seeds. Saunf has a unique taste and it is usually consumed post-meals as a mouth freshener. It can offer you many other health benefits. Now, you might be wondering how to add these tiny seeds to your diet. Keep reading to know some unique ideas.

Ways to add saunf or fennel seeds to the diet

1. Variyali Sherbet

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal shared the benefits of saunf and its drink for the body. "A rich source of vital minerals like selenium and zinc, saunf helps maintain hormonal balance, regulate periods and reduces PMS. The antispasmodic properties of fennel also help in controlling menstrual cramps." You can prepare this refreshing fennel drink to stay hydrated.

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2. Fennel tea

If you are a tea lover, give fennel tea a try. It will help you improve digestion and regulate hormones. You can replace your regular tea with this interesting option. It has a unique relaxing scent.


Replace your regular tea with fennel tea this summer
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3. Post-meal mouth freshener

Saunf has been consumed as a mouth freshener for ages. You can chew fennel seeds post-meal. It will boost digestion and leave you with a refreshing feeling. It will also help you prevent gas and bloating.

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4. Add to foods and drinks

You can crush and add fennel seed powder to different foods and drinks. It can be added to milk to make the popular summer thandai. You can also add fennel to different foods and desserts.


Fennel seeds powder can added to milk to prepare thandai in summers
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5. Fennel water

Just like jeera water, you can prepare fennel water. It will keep gastric issues at bay and keep your digestive tract in good health. It is a healthy practice to start your day.

So, do not miss to add the goodness of this cooling ingredient this summer!

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