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5 Myths About Low-Carb Diet You Should Stop Believing Today

Low-carb diets are widely followed these days as these can help in weight loss. But many fail to understand this diet as there are several myths around this diet plan. Read here to know these.

5 Myths About Low-Carb Diet You Should Stop Believing Today

A low-carb diet can help lose weight and boost heart health


  1. A low-carb diet focuses on consumption of healthy fats
  2. You should not miss essential nutrients when on a low-carb diet
  3. Exercising with low carb diet can help you achieve effective results

Low-carb diets have gained huge popularity in the last few years. This diet is known for multiple health benefits it can offer including weight loss. Studies have also highlighted other health benefits of a low-carb diet like controlled blood sugar levels, better blood pressure numbers, improved heart health and healthy cholesterol levels. But many fail to understand the right way to follow this diet. There are several myths that revolve around this popular diet trend which restricts you from achieving optimum results. If you are planning to follow or already following a low-carb diet, here are some common myths you need to know.

Myths about low-carb diet

1. Low-carb is no carb

Many believe that no-carb diet means consumption of no carbs. But this diet attempts to minimise the consumption of carbs. Elimination carbs completely from the diet is not the case as carbs are also important for the body to function.


Low-carb diet limits the consumption of carbs throughout the day
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2. It works for everyone

Low-carb diets help in weight loss and provide many other health benefits. But this diet may not be appropriate for every individual. Many may face several discomforts as possible side-effects of this diet plan like digestive issues, headaches and much more. Factors like age, gender, body type, existing health conditions and fitness levels may affect the results of the diet.

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3. Foods with carbs are unhealthy

Those planning to follow a low-carb diet believe that foods with carbs are unhealthy like potatoes, oats, fruits and other vegetables. These foods might contain a high amount of carbs but these are loaded with some essential nutrients. Adding these to a balanced diet is extremely important.

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4. These diets do not offer fibre

Most fruits, vegetables and whole grains are loaded with fibre as well as carbs. Therefore, it is commonly believed that following a low carb diet will eliminate fibre from your diet. There are several other fibre-rich foods with minimum carbs.


It is a myth that low-carb diets are deprived of fibre
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5. You should not eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are weight loss friendly and loaded with nutrients. Your low-carb diet should not completely eliminate consumption of these. These are an important part of a well-balanced diet. You can talk to your expert to know the quantities of these that are safe to consume.

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Before following a low-carb diet you should be aware of all the pros and cons of this diet plan. Always seek expert help before making any major changes.

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