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Following A Low Carb Diet? 5 Common Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding

When following a low carb diet, avoid certain mistakes for optimal results. Read on to know these.

Following A Low Carb Diet? 5 Common Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding

When follwing a low carb diet do not forget having enough fibre-rich foods


  1. Do not neglect your protein intake during a low carb diet
  2. Add enough healthy fats to your low carb diet
  3. You should also add low carb fruits and vegetables to diet

From weight loss to several health benefits, many have been switching to a low carb lifestyle. Although just like any diet, people sometimes might not be losing weight or find it effective. If you decide to hop on the low carb trend, ensure that you're doing it right. Here are a few low carb diet mistakes you can avoid. Apart from the following mistakes, a major one is that people do not consult their healthcare provider before going on a low carb diet. Do clear the diet with your doctor before you begin any diet regimen, especially if you are hoping to use it therapeutically for a medical condition or if you are taking any medication. Sometimes medications might need to be adjusted as your signs and symptoms get better.

Avoid these mistakes when following a low carb diet

1. Forgetting fiber

Consuming enough dietary fiber helps prevent gastrointestinal disturbances like constipation and bloating- those that you might start experiencing once you cut out high-carb foods. Stock up on high-fiber superseeds such as flax and chia seeds to combat constipation. If you are worried about your fiber intake, there are numerous tasty foods that are high in fiber and low in carbs such as almonds, pistachios, avocado, coconut meat, blackberries, cauliflower, broccoli, and eggplant.


Add enough fibre to your diet to prevent constipation
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2. Shying away from fats

Many people believe that cutting out fats on low carb diets would make it healthier. That is such a big mistake! Avoiding fats can be as bad as over-indulgence. Including healthy fats and saturated fats like coconut oil and ghee in your diet is very important. As long as you avoid trans fats and consume healthy ones such as omega-3 fats and monounsaturated fats, there's absolutely no reason to fear fat.

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3. Not staying adequately hydrated

If your low carb diet is failing you, the first thing to check is your water intake. Not drinking enough water is a very important non-cheating reason you might stall on a low carb diet. Don't forget to drink up! Dehydration is highly possible on Low Carb diets like the Keto diet. Drastic decreases in carb intake in these diets could lead to shifts in your fluid and electrolyte balance. So keep sipping throughout the day!


Do not forget to stay hydrated for optimal health
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4. Not staying physically active

While you begin losing weight on low carb diets you might feel like exercise is unnecessary. On the contrary, to achieve the results you are looking for, and maintain it, you need to stay physically active. Exercising on low carb diets is non-negotiable and staying sedentary is one of the biggest mistakes that can stall you. You need not spend a lot or even leave your house to get active. Just find something you enjoy that works for you, and something that you can stick with.

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5. Not supplementing

As avoiding carbs may shun certain micronutrients coming from grains, it is always good to supplement B complex, magnesium, and other electrolytes. Don't forget- the lower your carb intake is, the greater is your vitamin supplement need.

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And in addition to the above-mentioned, lack of planning can also be a mistake. There are chances that you might run into some old habits that need to be swapped with new healthier ones. So plan for some time until your new habits come naturally.

(Vibhuti Jain is a Lead Nutritionist & Head of Research and Development at Lo! Foods)

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