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Expert Opinion: Here's What You Can Do To Avoid Sudden Glucose Spike Post Meals and Manage It Better

"Incorporating this simple strategy into your meals can support better blood sugar control," Anjali Mukerjee writes in her caption.

Expert Opinion: Heres What You Can Do To Avoid Sudden Glucose Spike Post Meals and Manage It Better

Carb-centric foods can lead to spikes in blood glucose levels

Our daily diet often includes a variety of carbohydrate-rich foods that are just delicious. For breakfast, many of us love a plate of piping hot aloo parathas, fluffy idlis or a comforting bowl of poha. Our lunch and dinner tables are typically laden with rice, aromatic biryanis, or varieties of bread like rotis, naans and chapatis. Even our snacks and street food are generally carb-heavy, with items like samosas, pakoras and delicious pani puri. However, as much as we love this carb-centric food, it can also lead to spikes in blood glucose levels. This situation can be particularly concerning for those trying to manage diabetes or aiming to maintain stable energy levels.

So, what should we do in order to not miss out on the delicious, energy-laden carbs as well as make sure that it doesn't give us a sudden glucose or sugar spike? Let us tell you that it is possible through this expert's advice. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee shares an Instagram post explaining the matter as well as suggesting what we can do.

In her post, the nutritionist mentions:

Protein before carbs

According to Anjali Mukerjee, consuming some amount of protein before indulging in carbs is the way to go. She says it reduces sudden glucose spikes in the body.


Explaining the reason behind this suggestion, she mentions that protein slows down the digestion of carbs to some extent. It hence results in a more gradual and slower release of glucose in the bloodstream.

Other benefits

Apart from slower glucose absorption, the nutritionist mentions that consuming protein first also helps in enhancing insulin sensitivity in the body. As a result, our bodies can better maintain the required sugar level in the long run.

The nutritionist strongly advises us to incorporate and consume some amount of protein, in any form, into our regular carb-laden plates and consume it before taking a spoonful of rice.

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