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Exercise Your Eyes! Reduce Eye Strain With These Expert Recommended Eye Exercises

Have you ever tried eye exercises? These can help you prevent several issues related to eyes. Read here to know some expert recommended eye exercises.

Exercise Your Eyes! Reduce Eye Strain With These Expert Recommended Eye Exercises

Simple eye exercises can help you reduce eye strain


  1. Take breaks from screen to preserve eyesight
  2. Eye exercises can help you alleviate eye strain
  3. Wear glasses if recommended by your doctor

Exercises for eyes are often recommended to give a boost to your eyesight. Since ancient times, exercising the eyes is described as a helpful method to fight vision-related problems. However, there is a need for more research that can elaborate the link between eye exercises and improved eyesight. In today's face-paced life there issues like eye strain, blurred vision, headaches and dry eyes are quite common. The increased use of screens is one of the major causes of these issues. Eye exercise may not improve vision but can benefit people with these issues usually related to excessive use of screens. In this article, Dr. Shibal Bhartiya, Senior Consultant Eye Specialist at Fortis Memorial Research Institute explains some eye exercises that you must try.

Eye exercises: 5 exercises to try

1. Blinking

Conscious blinking is beneficial when you spend hours on screen devices. Usually, the rate of blinking is less than the one-third of normal when you are focusing on screens.

After two hours of constant exposure to screens, you should close your eyes for at least two minutes. You can also blink your eyes rapidly and in quick succession for two minutes every two hours.

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2. Tracing the 8

To practice this exercise, imagine a large eight in front of your eyes around six feet away. Now, move your eyes in a circular motion to trace the shape of the number. Try this slowly in both clockwise and anti-clockwise.


Close your eyes for a while to give them a break
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3. Side to side movement

To perform this exercise you need to focus on your left and right one by one. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on something six feet to your right and count till ten. Repeat the same for the right side.

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4. Focus chance

Point finger a few inches away from your eyes. Now focus on your finger and slowly move it away from your face. Then look away for a movement. Similarly, now bring the finger close to your face and then look away.

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Be careful!

Dr. Shibal Bhartiya adds, "The results of these exercises may vary from person to person, the duration of exercise for optimal results is not specified. Most of them offer no rational explanation for the presumed benefits. That said, there apparently is no harm in trying these basic eye exercises. You may discuss them with your doctor before embarking on a rigorous regimen of eye exercises."

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