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Mental Health: Try These Simple Ways To Cope With Anxiety And Stress

It is important to pay attention to your mental health irrespective of your age. If left uncontrolled these can affect your overall health in several ways. Here are simple ways to fight stress and anxiety.

Mental Health: Try These Simple Ways To Cope With Anxiety And Stress

Stress can negatively affect your overall health in several ways


  1. Chronic stress is harmful to your health in several ways
  2. Regular exercise can help you beat stress
  3. Seek medical help to fight depression and anxiety effectively

Stress and anxiety can affect an individual at even an early age. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. It is extremely important to pay attention to these mental health issues at an early stage. Fighting these issues on time helps in preventing them from worsening. There can be several possible reasons behind stress and anxiety in youngsters. Some simple strategies can help you fight stress and anxiety effectively. These self-help techniques will help you find the cause and will encourage you to take necessary steps to fight it. In this article, Kartik Naidu who is a mental health expert and a transpersonal therapist explains some strategies which can help youngsters deal with anxiety and stress.

Ways to cope with anxiety and stress

1. Be aware

There come times when you cannot differentiate between being sad or stressed or anxious. When something bothers you for a longer period and tends to put you in a state of panic, here is where you need to figure out if you are anxious or stressed or both. Be aware and accept that something is going on. That is the first step. It will also help you seek help on time.

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2. Analyse and pin-point the problem

When you become aware of what you are feeling, it becomes easier to analyse the things or episodes that might be bothering you. Confront them. Go through it and pin-point what exactly is causing the dilemma leading to your bouts of anxiety and stress.

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3. Talk to somebody or find help

Sometimes, it might not be easy to pinpoint what's bothering you. If you find it difficult to get hold of yourself and your emotions, talk to somebody who you think will understand. It isn't necessary that somebody will. That should not put you off. It should rather make you recognise that you might need help.


Talking to someone can help you reduce stress and anxiety
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4. Release your emotions

It can be overwhelming to experience the changes one goes through in life. Try to express your emotions. It will make you feel less stressed and relieved.

5. Process your emotions

In several situations, just processing your emotions and calming yourself down, can help. If something, like working out or painting or any activity helps you to think better and open up, indulge in it. It is very important to process your emotions. If you don't process emotions properly, it can lead to psychosomatic or even physical problems. Here is a little exercise to help you process your emotions.

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Write down the following when in distress-

  • Identify the triggers to your anxiety? Write down all the situations that make you anxious.
  • What is it that you are feeling? Write down all the emotions you are feeling.
  • How do you feel about this?
  • What would you like to feel instead? Write down your emotions.
  • Affirm the emotions you would like to feel in the present tense.

Writing down your emotions can make you feel better
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6. Be Mindful.

Situations, where you feel anxious and/or stressed, can compel you to do things that can have adverse effects on you and your loved ones. Excessive drinking, smoking, or drug usage can have severe side effects on your overall health.

Seek medical help if required. It will help you fight the condition effectively with the right methods.

(Kartik Naidu is a Mental Health Expert, Transpersonal Therapist and Trainer, Green Aura Holistic)

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