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The Potential Of Dandelion Root In Fighting Cancer

Dandelion root extract (DRE) is said to be beneficial for people who are suffering from leukemia, pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer. It is an alternative and gentler treatment to surgical treatments of cancer or chemotherapy.

The Potential Of Dandelion Root In Fighting Cancer

Dandelion root has health-boosting properties


  1. Dandelion has Vitamin K which is helpful in reducing risks of cancer
  2. DRE can be a possible cure for pancreatic cancer
  3. Dandelion root for cancer treatment can promote urination

As a herb, the root of dandelion and its parts above the ground are used for medicinal purposes. People use dandelion to treat conditions like upset stomach, joint pain, loss of appetite, bruises and eczema. The herb is also used to improve bowel movements and boost urine productions. And in some places, the antioxidant-rich extract of the dandelion root is used as an alternative treatment for cancer. It is said that it is a gentler treatment as compared to chemotherapy and could reduce risk of cancer by damaging the tumour cells, while keeping the healthy cells intact.

Dandelion root extract (DRE) is said to be beneficial for people who are suffering from leukemia, pancreatic cancer and colorectal cancer. For people who have an idea about Chinese medicine or traditional Native American medicine, treatment like DRE is a known phenomenon.

Here's how it actually works.

1. Vitamin K in dandelion root and its antioxidant properties help in fighting cancer

The antioxidant properties in dandelion root are capable of discarding the harmful tumour cells. It also helps in reducing breakage of DNA strands which are coiled to a great extent. The breakage of these DNA strands leads to the development of cancer. However, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before going ahead with DRE for the treatment of the cancer that you have or are trying to prevent.

Vitamin K in dandelion is known to significantly reduce risks of cancer and its development.

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2. A hope for a possible cure for people suffering from pancreatic cancer

With a 100% mortality rate, any cure or treatment for pancreatic cancer is more than welcome. DRE induces body's natural destructive mechanism (autophagy) and programmed cell death (apoptosis) in cancerous pancreatic cells in humans. This has no effect on the healthy cells as well. Researchers have found this as a welcome treatment for people suffering from pancreatic cancer.

3. A hope for treatment of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia

Chronic myelomonoytic leukemia is a cancer of the bone marrow's cells which are responsible for blood formation. Most people are found to be resistant to the treatment of this cancer and hence alternative cures are desperately required. DRE has been recognised as a natural remedy with a lot of potential because of its effectiveness and non-toxic nature. But the level of its effectiveness for treatment of this cancer still needs further study.

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4. Multiple vulnerabilities of colorectal cancer cells are targeted by DRE

DRE treatment targets the vulnerabilities of tumour cells, by causing multiple deaths in the pathways that activate them. Selective programmed death of colon cancer cells is up to 95% in in-vitro studies of DRE. Whereas orally taken DRE can help in damaging the growth of colon cancer cells by upto 90% in in-vivo studies.

5. Fights chemoresistant melanomas

DRE has been proved to be an effective alternative to aggressive treatments for chemoresistant melanomas. It helps in inducing programmed cell death in human melanoma cells, while having no adverse impact on the healthy cells.

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6. DRE suppresses increasing growth of gastric cancer cells

DRE helps in reduction of rapid growth and migration of gastric cancer tumour cells. Gastric cancer is one of the most common cancers in the

Here are some situations in which the use of dandelion root must be avoided:

1. Dandelion root has some side effects too

One of the most common side effect of using dandelion root is that it promotes urination and increases its frequency. There are also chances of people developing mild diarrhea, inflammation in the stomach and heart burn. Dandelion root can lower blood sugar. It can cause toxicity among people who are suffering from chronic kidney diseases. Among children, dandelion root is likely to increase allergic reactions.

2. Clinical trials and human studies are still required for the viability of DRE treatment

Researchers are still on their looking for definitive, positive and strong results for cancer treatment with dandelion root. Leaving the scientific validation aside, cancer patients can still use dandelion root or flower extracts because of its cancer-preventive and health-boosting properties.

3. Treating cancers which are hormone-sensitive

DRE treatments can be used only for some specific kind of cancers. Estrogenic activities in dandelion can further trigger the growth of cancer cells. Hence, using it for treatment of cancers which are hormone-sensitive can be dangerous.

Hence, make use of this herb with utmost care and consultation from top medical experts. 

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