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All You Need To Do To Keep Your Bones Healthy At 60

Unwanted fractures and falls are common occurrences among people above the age of 60. Here's all you can do to avoid them.

All You Need To Do To Keep Your Bones Healthy At 60

People above the age of 60 should have a balanced diet


  1. Conditions like osteoporosis and fractures are common in older people
  2. People above 60 should exercise for 150 minutes daily
  3. Have more Vitamin D to keep your muscle and bone strength intact

The condition of our bones begins to deteriorate with age. As we grow older, our bones become much weaker and tend to get affected even with the minutest of injuries. Conditions like osteoporosis and fractures are most likely to happen with growing age and many don't know how to prevent any of these occurrences from happening. Another factor that makes us prone to the above conditions is the kind of lifestyle that we live. Not exercising and eating unhealthy food results in making us feel less energetic.

But there are still plenty of things one can do prevent these occurrences and take proper care of bones even after 60. Read more to know how...

Stay active

Feeling lethargic and less energetic, pain in the joints and getting tired too easily are common things that people experience at 60. But no matter what, you should try to push yourself and exercise moderately, every day for around 150 minutes. This will help in keeping your body warmer and improve the condition of your heart. Exercises like long walks, dancing, carrying groceries and going up and down stairs will make you feel active and will also strengthen your muscles.

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Also, you can engage in activities that help in improving balance and coordination. Doing yoga can be helpful in easing stiffness and unsteadiness associated with painful joints. Also people at 60 or above that should avoid sitting for too long in the same place. Along with affecting your muscle and bone strength, this will make your joints stiffer and increase your chances of falling.

Exercises for people with osteoporosis

People with osteoporosis will be prone to risks of fractures. They should be more careful while exercising. Bending knee while lifting objects is a must-do. They should avoid movements that involve awkward bending and lifting movements. You may need to be cautious about some types of high impact exercises. Take expert advice as a precautionary measure.

Diet for healthy bones

Many people tend to experience a loss of appetite with old age. But eating less can devoid your body of essential nutrients and will have an adverse effect on your muscles and bones. While staying active will help you have a good appetite, people should still try and have a balanced diet, which includes a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, pulses, meats, etc. Maintaining body weight and keeping the muscle and bone strength intact are a few of the benefits of having a well-balanced diet at all times.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential requirement for people to have strong bones and muscles. Direct sunlight is the best and the most natural source of Vitamin D. But people who are not that exposed to the sun should either take Vitamin D supplements or try and keep outdoors for getting sufficient sunlight. Besides, they can have foods rich in Vitamin D such as salmon, eggs, breakfast cereals, etc.

Other ways to protect your bones

In order to prevent falling too often and fractures, follow these steps as a precautionary measure.

Get your eyesight and hearing checked

Sight plays an important role in controlling balance and mobility, and hearing is extremely important for balance. Get them checked regularly to avoid any unwanted fatalities.

Check for foot pains

Foot pain will make you feel less active and can cause falls and fractures. Get medical check-up instantly if you experience pain in the feet.

Manage your medicines

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Some medicines which people eat to control blood pressure can make one feel dizzy or faint. Review this medicine intake regularly. 


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