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Yoga Asanas For Treating PCOS: A Must For All Suffering From Polycystyic Ovaries

Yoga for PCOS: Celebrity health coach Luke Coutinho went live on Facebook to share some effective yoga poses which can help in dealing with or even reversing Polyscystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Yoga Asanas For Treating PCOS: A Must For All Suffering From Polycystyic Ovaries

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Bhujangasana is an effective yoga pose for reversing PCOS


  1. Yoga asanas which work on the abdominal region can help in reversing PCOS
  2. Cat pose and bhujangasana are effective yoga poses for PCOS
  3. PCOS is a lifestyle-related hormonal disorder

Incidence of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) has increased tremendously in the past few years. The lifestyle-related to hormonal disorder results in cysts in the ovaries, causing irregular periods, facial hair and even infertility in some rare cases. These are the reasons why leading health experts and nutritionists are sharing diet and exercise tips for managing PCOS in a healthy manner. Following the bandwagon is health coach Luke Coutinho, who recently went live on Facebook to share some yoga asanas which can help in getting rid of PCOS.

1. The first yoga asana is the one which involves raising your legs up straight and toes reflects towards you. Knees should be straight and arms straight forward with your palms facing towards each other. Lean backwards while raising your legs up straight. You can even put your hands down in case you are not able to balance your body, or bend your knees for the same. Hold the pose and feel the pressure in abdomen.

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2. The next yoga asana for PCOS is chakki chalansana. The pose imitates a person grinding something and is done by spreading legs far open, with toes pointing towards you. Sit with your spine straight and arms stretched out with your fingers entwined with one another. Slowly lean forward and try to make circular motion using your abdominal muscles. Try to make a full circle as much as you can. This asana helps in improving digestion, gives a gentle massage to all your reproductive organs and balances hormones in the body - thus helping in reversing PCOS. You can do the pose 6 to 10 times on each side.

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3. Butterfly pose is also an effective yoga pose for getting rid of PCOS. Fold your legs in the way you do for getting into sukhasana, but join your feet together. Try to bring feet closer to your body and then do up and down movement with your legs. Make sure that your back is straight while doing the asana. Then, entwine your fingers and bend forward, try touching your toes with your forehead, or as below as you can go. Exhale as you go down and inhale as you go up. Butterfly pose is also helpful for women who experience extreme pain or cramps during their periods.

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4. Another asana which is good for PCOS is the one which is done by joining your feet and lying back down straight. Make sure that your feet are touching each other while lying down. Exhale as you go down, breathe and relax. Come back up with the help of your elbows.

5. The cat pose is also an effective yoga pose for PCOS. Your wrist should be aligned with your shoulders and knees should be aligned with your thighs, both parallel with each other. Inhale as you go up and exhale as you release. The asana uses tail bone and the pelvic region to go up and down. You can do 10 to 15 reps of cat pose.

6. The next asana is shalabasana in which you need to lie down on your stomach with chin touching the floor. Make a fist of your hands with thumbs inside, and place them under your thighs. Slowly raise your legs up while losing your thigh muscles, the pressure will be felt in your abdominal region. Hold for a few seconds and then release. Inhale as you go up, exhale as you release. This is also an effective yoga pose for PCOS.

7. Bhujangasana is good pose for PCOS. You need to lie down on your stomach, while putting your hands on the sides of the chest, and elbows stuck in. Your feet should be flat on the ground. Inhale as you go up, hold on the position, exhale as you come down and relax. This pose is also good for people with thyroid problems. 

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(Luke Coutinho is Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)


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