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Nutritionist Lovneet Batra Shares How Flaxseeds Can Be Beneficial For Those Suffering From PCOS

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares the health benefits of flaxseeds through a post on Instagram Stories.

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra Shares How Flaxseeds Can Be Beneficial For Those Suffering From PCOS

Adding flax seeds to your diet may help you lose weight as obesity is one of the symptoms of PCOS

PCOS, also known as Polycystic ovary syndrome, is a hormonal disorder among women who belong to the reproductive age group. These days the health issue seems to have increased manifold among women. PCOS causes irregular periods, excess hair growth, acne and even issue like infertility in women. The worse part is that sometimes, individuals with PCOS are comparatively more vulnerable to various health conditions. However, there are some home remedies or food items that are beneficial for women suffering from PCOS. Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shares the benefits of flaxseeds for women with PCOS. She shares a post on Instagram Stories listing different benefits of the food item.

According to Lovneet Batra, here are the benefits of flaxseeds for PCOS:

1) Secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) is an active compound in flaxseed, which has anti-inflammatory effects.

2) Obesity is one of the main causes of the onset of PCOS. Flaxseed is a rich source of fibres, specifically soluble fibre (25 percent soluble form). Dietary fibre, especially soluble fibre, could help weight loss by delayed gastric emptying and inducing the feeling of fullness.

3) Flaxseed contains lignin, a plant-based estrogen that helps balance out excess male hormones and reduces excess hair growth.

Here's her post:


Lovneet Batra often talks about different food items that can benefit your body in many ways. Sharing a post related to asparagus on Instagram Stories previously, she states the health benefit of asparagus. Going by what she says, “Asparagus contains insulin, a prebiotic fibre that provides health benefits for our digestive tract, promoting better nutrient absorption and lowering the risk of colon cancer.” The nutritionist also goes on to explain that asparagus is an excellent source of several nutrients including vitamins K, A and C as well as micro-nutrients such as iron, zinc and riboflavin.

Lovneet Batra also shares the health benefits of ajwain water. In a previous post which was a part of her “Sip of the day” segment, she mentions the ways in which ajwain water can prove to do wonders to your health. She says that ajwain carries antihypertensive properties that work like magic in keeping blood sugar spikes controlled.

Try to include these food items into your diet to reap the benefits.

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