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5 Things That Can Lead To Vaginal Infections

Usually, these infections increase due to sexual contact, but they can affect sexually inactive women too.

5 Things That Can Lead To Vaginal Infections

Usually, vaginal infections increase due to sexual contact


  1. The worse part about vaginal infections is that they are recurring
  2. With the use of lubricants nobody can get an infection
  3. Your private part is acidic, it should not be alkaline

Itching, irritation and burning sensation down there is tough to deal with, and even worse to discuss out loud. These are the symptoms of a vaginal infection. Treating such an infection is just a matter of a few days, but it can also take as long as two weeks sometimes. Usually, these infections increase due to sexual contact, but they can affect sexually inactive women too. The worse part about these infections is that they are recurring, once affected, your likelihood of getting it again increases.

Most women believe that these infections take place due to the use of lubricants. Here's what our expert has to say about this.

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Do lubes lead to vaginal infections?

Our expert Dr. Ragini Agrawal explains the link between vaginal infections and usage of lubes. She says, "With the use of lubricants nobody can get an infection. It is a myth. Usually, people have an infection and many-a-times this infection is represented as vaginal dryness, so people not understand that the person has an infection. Due to this, they start using lubricants. With time the infection increases and people assume that the lubricant has caused them an infection, but that is not true. No lubricant can cause you an infection; vaginal dryness sometimes takes place due to an infection."

"If a person is suffering from vaginal dryness, she needs to be investigated for the cause of it. If no reason is identified, they can use a lubricant for it. Post-menopausal women need lubricant to ease pain and discomfort during intercourse," she added.

Dr. Agrawal explains the various causes of vaginal infections. Take a look.

1. Fungal infections

Vaginal infections have many reasons, the most common one being the fungal infections. Vagina itself has a number of bacteria, both good and bad. Now because of reasons like nutritional deficiencies, illness and prolonged use of antibiotics, the good bacteria go down and bad bacteria increase.

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2. STDs

Some vaginal infections can also occur due to sexually transmitted diseases. For prevention, it is important for one to use a condom. Every woman should use the condom, and not to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but to prevent sexually transmitted diseases as well. The condom is the best barrier

3. Fear of vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is not an abnormal condition. Sometimes women end up confusing normal vaginal discharge to be an infection and take an unnecessary treatment for it. As a result, the good bacteria come to an end and bad bacteria increase. This, in turn, leads to vaginal infections. Women need to take a look at it more holistically, identify the reasons and then treat it accordingly.

4. Female hygiene products

A female hygiene product is used for the purpose of cleaning the personal area. But some women end up putting the product inside the vagina. But one should not use anything inside the vagina. Normal cleaning is meant for the outer area, not the inner part. One must take a very small amount of the product with water and make some lather in the private part and wash it properly to remove the soap completely. If the product is used in this manner, it does not lead to any harm. Your private part is acidic, it should not be alkaline. Using soap (alkaline in nature) in the private part can increase your risk of vaginal infections.

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5. Poor hygiene

Creamy soaps which you use for your face and other body parts must not be used for your personal parts. Pubic hair should be trimmed and properly cleaned. Vaginal lips should be opened slightly so that the inner lips and the clitoral area can be cleaned properly. When vaginal secretions are left behind in that area and not cleaned properly, it can increase the risk of infections in the vagina. It is important for you to know that tampons and sanitary napkins should also be changed regularly. Just because your tampon did not soak throughout the day, you simply cannot leave it inside. Remember that NOTHING should go inside your vagina, be it your personal hygiene product or just water. Clean your personal part as often as needed, but that does not mean that each time you use the washroom you need to clean up down there. Clean when you need but keep the precautionary measures in mind.

(Dr Ragini Agrawal is the head a Senior Gynecologist at W Pratiksha Hospital)

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