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6 Types Of Vaginal Discharge And What They Mean

Don't ignore your vaginal discharge, it could be significant of your health.

6 Types Of Vaginal Discharge And What They Mean

If you feel you are not able to perceive what it is, check with a doctor


  1. Your vagina can speak volumes about your health
  2. Clear discharge is usually significant of ovulation
  3. Lumpy and white discharge usually signifies a yeast infection

Ladies, your vagina can speak volumes about your health. And one of the important parameters of judging the same is by looking at vaginal discharge. This, slightly sticky substance is something that not many people would want to talk about. Yes, we agree it may look and sound dirty but trust us, it is an important parameter for judging the status of your health. So, ladies, it is important for you to look down there and see what's going on. And if you feel you are not able to perceive, check with a doctor.

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So here's a list of the 6 common types of vaginal discharge and what they mean. Take a look.

1. Clear discharge

Clear discharge is usually significant of ovulation. This one is nothing you need to worry about. Instead, it is a signal that if you wish to conceive, the best time has arrived and you must get busy with your partner now. This is when your libido boosts because you are most fertile during this time of the month.

2. Creamy discharge

This one, too, is nothing you need to be worried about. It usually signifies that your time of the month is around the corner. Just about a week before your period, you start getting thicker and creamier discharge.

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3. Blood traces

Traces of blood in your discharge may just be saying that your period is near. However, if you are bleeding in between and it is slightly off, it could be worrisome. And the range of possibilities is so wide that it becomes necessary to check with a doctor. If you are experiencing any such symptoms, check with a doctor quickly.

4. Lumpy and white

Lumpy and white discharge usually signifies a yeast infection. This can cause a lot of itching and discomfort. For this, some over-the-counter medication can help in treating the condition. Women who are more prone to such infections can avoid using heavily scented female hygiene products.

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5. Greenish-yellow discharge

Now this one is something you may need to worry about. Green and frothy discharge can be signs of the presence of STDs like gonorrhea. It could also be Chlamydia. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from an STD. But you should still check with a doctor. Prevention surely is better than cure.

6. Watery discharge

If your vaginal discharge is watery, it could signal the presence of herpes. This is the liquid from the blisters which can weep out from time to time. It is a watery, semi-opaque discharge, occasionally blood-tinged. Usually, it is so discomforting that you need not see the discharge to ascertain that something has gone wrong.

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So ladies, don't just ignore your vaginal discharge, it could actually be asking for medical attention. 


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