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Vaginal Problems Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Your vagina has to deal with a whole lot of problems other than periods and UTIs.

Vaginal Problems Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Poor vagina has to deal with a whole lot of problems


  1. Vaginal muscle spasm happens quite often and the reason is not known
  2. Cyst on the Bartholin gland can cause soft lumps on the vaginal lips
  3. Blocked hymen can be treated with the help of a simple surgical procedure

Poor vagina has to deal with a whole lot of problems like periods, yeast infections, UTIs and sadly, the list doesn't end here. Besides these, there are a whole lot of problems that can crop up down there. From bumps to lumps to discharge and unexplained pain, anything could be causing you that discomfort. And yes, that 'anything' can be more dangerous than you could think. So if you are experiencing pain during intercourse or any sort of unexplained symptoms, you must check with your doctor.

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Here's a list of the top 5 vaginal problems every woman should be aware of. Take a look.

1. Vaginal muscle spasm

It happens quite often and yet is an unexplained condition. It is characterized by the tightness of the pelvic muscles controlling the vagina. This condition is painful and unpleasant and can cause cramps. It can happen due to any psychological reason for anxiety, depression or even a bad sexual experience. Thankfully, the Kegel exercises can help in curing these muscle spasms.

2. Pain at the vaginal opening

And this pain isn't mild or dull, it is quite intense. And this is not the worst part; the cause of such pains is not known!

Inflammation in the glands present at the vaginal opening, due to an unknown reason, can cause intense pain during intercourse and even when you sit and walk. Sadly, there aren't any natural cures for this condition. You may have to use anti-depressants and in extreme cases, an operation is in order to remove the inflamed glands.

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3. Small yellow-white deposits

When you reach your 40s, estrogen levels decline. Due to this, a white and thick skin layer develops around the vagina which can cause immense discomfort. It may look like eczema. With time, the pigment changes and the layer become thinner leading to more irritation and an inability to have sex.

4. Soft lumps

If you develop a cyst on the Bartholin gland, you can develop soft lumps on your vaginal lip. On both sides of the vaginal lips, these glands are present. And this isn't the problematic part. The problem begins when it is sealed and fluid begins to fill in. If this clot becomes sensitive and painful, it means that this has become infected. If you are developing such clots, you must check with a gynecologist. In fact, it's best to check with an expert as soon as you notice lumps. It is a recurring condition due to which some women prefer getting the gland removed altogether.

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5. Imperforate hymen

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The small tissue present at the opening of the vagina is known as hymen which allows the menstrual blood to flow easily. But in some girls, the hymen is closed and blocks the vagina completely. This condition is diagnosed in adolescence and a simple surgical procedure can resolve the problem without affecting your sexual life and pregnancy. 


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