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Health and Wellness - Save a Life: Episode 14

PUBLISHED ON: Oct 13, 2022 | Duration: 21:27 Min

Life is precious! Seeing a dear one collapse in front of you due to a cardiac arrest can be heart breaking! The incidences of cradiac arrests are growing by the day. Even young adults are now suffering from sudden cardiac arrests due to a sedentary and stressful lifestyle. Without immediate recognition and CPR delivery, the chance of survival decreases significantly each minute. It has been proven that bystander CPR improves the rate of survival by almost 50%. It is even more important if you have a loved one who has a history of cardiac disease; as research reports that the majority of cardiac arrests occur at home. CPR knowledge will equip you with the skill and the confidence needed to transform yourself from the role of bystander to a lifesaver. Save a Life is an initiative through which people will be made aware of the early signs & symptoms of cardiac arrest so that patients can get to the hospital in time and also be trained on giving CPR if the need arises. Today, we have with us eminent cardiologists who can help you understand sudden cardiac death and the role of CPR to REVIVE and SAVE A LIFE.



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