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Teeth Discolouration: 5 Common Foods And Drink Which Can Cause Teeth Stain

Some common foods and drinks can take a toll on your teeth enamel. Consumption of these foods and drinks can lead to teeth discolouration. Read here to know all the foods and drinks you should avoid to maintain those pearly whites.

Teeth Discolouration: 5 Common Foods And Drink Which Can Cause Teeth Stain

You diet can affect your oral health as well

A bright smile can create a long-lasting impression in just a few seconds. Oral hygiene practices are very important to maintain a healthy smile. To let your pearly whites shine out loud you need to watch what you eat and drink. Some foods like calcium-rich foods can promote your dental health, whereas there are some which can harm your teeth. Foods and drinks can affect the appearance of your teeth. Some foods and drinks can leave stains on the teeth enamel and lead to teeth discolouration. All you need to do is limit the intake of such foods which can harm your teeth. So, eliminate these foods and drinks and never feel shy to give a bright smile. Along with avoiding these foods you need to follow other oral care steps as well.

Food that can discolour your teeth

1. Soda and carbonated drinks

Sodas and carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar. These drinks might give you instant energy and can brighten up your mood immediately but these drinks are harmful for your overall health. These beverages can take a toll on your teeth colour as well. Carbonated drinks are loaded with colour and dyes which can lead to stains. The chemical composition of the drink can also harm your enamel.

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2. Tea and coffee

Your day might be incomplete without your cup of tea or coffee. Some people are so addicted to their cup of coffee or tea that they feel inability to function properly without it. But both tea and coffee can leave stains on your teeth and can result in yellow appearance. It might be difficult for a tea or coffee lover to give up their favourite beverage. But you can limit your intake to just one cup a day.


Reduce your tea or coffee intake for better oral health
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3. Candies and sweets

After eating candy, you might have noticed its colour on your tongue. Similarly, it can leave a stain on your teeth. Candies and sweets are bad for your overall oral health. It is always advised to avoid sweets for better oral health. To protect your teeth colour you need not give up candies and sweets completely. All you need to do is limit their consumption.

4. Sauces and vinegar

Sauces and vinegar can enhance the taste of your food immediately but the bad news is that they can contribute to teeth stains. Tomato sauce has acidic properties which can cause teeth staining and even enamel erosion. Balsamic vinegar which is often used for salad dressing is also a contributor to teeth discolouration. To avoid staining you need to monitor your intake and minimise their consumption significantly.

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5. Pickles

Pickles are a compulsory part of the meal for many. It adds a tangy and spicy taste to your daily meal. You might not be aware that the acidic nature of pickles can harm your teeth enamel. It can cause teeth staining. All you need to do is restrict your pickle consumption and keep your teeth healthy.

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