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Winter Lip Care: The Ultimate Lip Care Routine You Must Follow This Winter For Soft And Healthy Lips

Winter lip care: Want healthy and soft lips this winter? Do not let the cold weather affect your lip. Here is the perfect complete lip care routine you need to follow this winter season. Know many other tips to maintain healthy and pink lips.

Winter Lip Care: The Ultimate Lip Care Routine You Must Follow This Winter For Soft And Healthy Lips

Lip care: Always keep a lip balm with you during the winter season


  1. Winter season requires proper lip care
  2. Scrubbing can help you get rid of flaky lips
  3. Apply lip balm whenever possible

Winter season is here! Just like your skin, your lips can also get affected by the cold weather. Most people experience chapped lips during the cold weather. The winter season can cause extreme dryness. For a perfect pout, you need to protect our lips from the cold weather. Simple lip care practices can help you fight the cold weather and promote lip health. You need to clean your lips from time to time and get rid of the dead skin. Regular moisturisation is the first and the most essential step of the lip care routine. This winter give your lips the required attention and follow the necessary steps to maintain healthy lips.

Winter lip care routine for soft and healthy lips

1. Scrubbing

Just like your face, you should use lip scrubs for your lips. Scrubbing will help you get rid of dead skin cells. It will remove the upper layer of dead skin cells. It will also give you soft and smooth lips. But do not rub your lips too hard. Do it slowly and lightly. After scrubbing do not forget to apply lip balm on your lips. Exfoliate your lips once a week.


Scrubbing can help you remove dead skin cell from lips
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There are many options available in the market. But you can prepare a lip scrub at home as well. You can simply combine coffee grounds and honey to prepare a lip scrub. Coffee is amazing for skin which is commonly used to prepare scrubs. Take some coffee grounds and honey. Mix them well and massage on your lips in a circular motion. Keep it on your lips for some time as a mask and later wash with lukewarm water.

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2. Moisturise

Lip balm is the most essential things which you need during the winter season. You cannot spend a day without lip balm because the cold weather makes your lips dry very soon. Always carry a lip balm with you and apply it whenever required.

There are many lip balms available with natural ingredients. You can make a lip at home as well with all the natural ingredients without artificial colour. To prepare a lip balm melt one tablespoon of bee wax or petroleum jelly. Add a few drops of coconut oil in it. Mix them well and allow them to reach normal temperature. In the end, add few drops of rose essential oil and store it on a clean container.


Always apply lip balm before sleeping
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Some other tips-

  1. Do not lick your lips
  2. Always apply a lip balm before going to bed
  3. If you see a crack treat it immediately
  4. Do not touch your lips too often
  5. Always remove your lipstick at night and apply lip balm before sleeping
  6. Drink plenty of water

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