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Have You Tried Coffee Scrub? Here's How You Prepare Your Own Coffee Scrub At Home

Skincare tips: Recently coffee scrub has gained a lot of popularity. Coffee might be part of your morning routine, but you can use it for your skin as well. Coffee scrub can give you many skin benefits. Here are some simple methods to prepare coffee scrub at home.

Have You Tried Coffee Scrub? Heres How You Prepare Your Own Coffee Scrub At Home

Skin Care: You must try these coffee scrubs which can be prepared at home


  1. Skincare tips: Scrubbing helps you get rid of dead skin cells
  2. You can prepare your own coffee scrubs in just few minutes
  3. Always choose the ingredients which can suit your skin

Are you aware of the latest beauty trend? Coffee scrub should be the new addition to your skincare routine. Coffee scrubs have gained huge popularity these days. You might not know application of coffee is good for the skin in various ways. Not just a good taste coffee can give you many skin benefits as well. Scrubbing should be an essential part of your skin care routine. It helps in removing dead skin cells and also cleanses the skin pores. Unclogged pores can be the main reason behind the development of acne. Scrubbing can help you unclog your skin pores and remove dirt, dust and excess oil as well. Coffee scrub can help you exfoliate your skin and give you a healthy and glowing skin. A coffee scrub reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation which can provide you youthful and radiant skin. Exfoliation with a coffee scrub will also improve your skin texture as well.

Skincare Tips: Methods to make your own coffee scrubs

The good news is you can make your own coffee scrub at home with some simple ingredients. Coffee is present in almost every kitchen. You can combine some simple ingredients and prepare a natural scrub with amazing benefits. Here are some methods you can try.

1. Coffee and coconut oil scrub

Coconut is amazing for skin. You can prepare coffee scrub with the help of coffee, coconut oil and lemon juice. Take some coffee powder and mix coconut oil in it. Now add half tablespoon of lemon juice to it. Mix it well to make a thick paste. Use this scrub but do not forget to moisturise your skin after scrubbing. Coconut oil will provide moisture to your skin and lemon juice will contribute to skin whitening along with the amazing benefits of coffee.


Coffee scrub: Coffee scrub ca help you get rid of dead skin cells
Photo Credit: iStock

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2. Coffee and aloe vera scrub

Aloe vera is the one-stop solution to many skin issues. Combining it with coffee can help you prepare a scrub which is extremely beneficial for skin. You need to simply combine coffee and aloe vera. Take these two ingredients and form a scrub like consistency. Leave this for 15 minutes after rubbing it properly on your skin.


You can combine aloe vera with coffee to prepare scrub
Photo Credit: iStock

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3. Coffee and honey face scrub

Honey is one of the natural moisturiser which you must try. It can be a part of your coffee scrub. You need to mix coffee grounds and honey to prepare the scrub. You can add a few drops of essential oil to this scrub and use it as a scrub.


Skincare tips: Honey is a natural moisturiser which can be used to prepare scrub
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