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Here's The Best Way To Get Glowing, Smooth Skin Without Makeup

The dermatologist explains what makes up a holistic skincare routine.

Heres The Best Way To Get Glowing, Smooth Skin Without Makeup

What makes up a holistic skincare routine?

Different people take care of their skin differently. And rightly so, since our skin varies vastly. For instance, some people have dry skin while others have oily skin. Some have extremely sensitive skin but others manage to bear extreme heat or cold. When Dr Jaishree Sharad, a dermatologist, conducted an online survey, asking her Instagram followers whether they prefer their skin with makeup or without it. A huge 88 percent of the respondents prefer to not use makeup against only 12 percent for it.

In an accompanying video, Dr Sharad clarifies what the poll results meant. “So most of you have voted for ‘no makeup' – which means holistic skincare,” she says. The dermatologist then goes on to explain what makes up a holistic skincare routine. She says it means:

1. A healthy diet.

2. No or minimum sugar intake.

3. No alcohol and no smoking.

4. Go to sleep on time and get adequate sleep.

5. Workouts help a great deal in optimising functions of the body. So exercise at least 4-5 times in a week.

6. And finally, learn to cope with stress. It causes dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles.

Besides, you also need to follow a good skincare routine.

Morning skincare routine:

– Cleanse your face, apply moisturizer, and apply sunscreen.

Night skincare routine:

--At bedtime, you must remove your makeup

– Cleanse your face

– Apply under eye serum / under eye cream

– Use targeted serum on the rest of your face and neck

– Apply targeted cream and finally a moisturiser

– Over that apply moisturiser on the rest of your face and neck

Check Dr Jaishree Sharad's Instagram post here:

Besides these skincare tips, do not forget to drink a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated to the optimum level. Dr Sharad also adds that people should opt for skin treatments only as suggested by their dermatologist and after proper consultation.

The dermatologist regularly shares skincare tips on her Instagram account.

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