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Sweating Under The Face Mask Can Cause Acne- Our Expert Shares Tips To Prevent This

Sweating caused by face mask could cause pimples and rashes on your skin. Here are 5 tips to prevent this.

Sweating Under The Face Mask Can Cause Acne- Our Expert Shares Tips To Prevent This

Wearing an unlcean face mask can also be contributing to acne


  1. Wear clean and washed face mask
  2. Fabric face mask should not be wet or dirty
  3. Wash your face with salicylic acid face wash after taking off the mask

Have you been experiencing acne breakouts lately, despite following a proper skincare routine? Well, the face mask that you wear every time you step out of the house may be responsible for it! Shocking as it may sound, it is possible that you are getting zits or pimples because of the sweating and dirt that gets blocked because of the mask that you have to wear all the time. Until and unless you are cleaning your fabric face mask properly with soap and water on a daily basis, or discarding single-use mask daily, it is quite likely that acne and other skin problems may have increased.

How to prevent acne breakouts caused by wearing face masks

Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia addresses acne concerns caused by wearing face masks, in her recent Instagram post. Talking about do's and don'ts to keep your skin healthy under face mask, she explains, "Masks can trap sweat, dirt, bacteria, everything that you are applying on the skin and everything from outside," she says in the video post.

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Wearing that mask and not taking it off for prevention of COVID-19 is definitely important. But, it may cause zits and rashes. She talks about tips that can help in taking care of your skin under the face mask:

1. Make sure you change your mask every day or wash it every day with soap and water if you are wearing a fabric face mask.

2. If you get sweaty, then do carry a few extra masks with you when you step out. The sweat is definitely going to make things worse and cause acne. Changing your mask frequently can help in preventing acne caused by excessive sweat.

3. Use a salicylic acid face wash. It can help in un-obstructing your pores and reduce pimples.

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4. Avoid using make-up, Dr Lohia recommends. "Keep it light and easy and avoid any form of obstruction on the skin."

5. Along with your hands, do wash your face after taking off the mask. It will help in cleansing off the sweat and dirt which may have accumulated on your skin. 


Wash your face after taking off the face mask to prevent acne
Photo Credit: iStock

All of these five tips can together help in keeping your skin healthy under that face mask, and also keep acne away.

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(Dr Kiran Lohiya is a dermatologist at Isya Aesthetics)

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