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PCOS Related Acne: Know The Link; Here Are Some Tips To Fight This

PCOS leads to hormonal imbalance which can affect your overall health including your skin. This condition can contribute to acne. Read here to understand the link between the two and ways to fight PCOS-related acne.

PCOS Related Acne: Know The Link; Here Are Some Tips To Fight This

PCOS affect women during their childbearing age


  1. PCOS can lead to hair fall
  2. It is one of the leading causes of infertility
  3. Maintaining a healthy weight can help manage PCOS symptoms

Acne is a common skin condition that affects everyone at some point or another. Several possible reasons can lead to acne. Unhealthy diet, increased pollution, poor skincare routine and not drinking enough water are some potential causes. Another leading cause of acne in women is PCOS. It is a condition that affects a huge population of women today. There are several symptoms of PCOS including missed period, hair fall, hair growth on chest and face and weight gain. Acne is another symptom of PCOS. There is a strong link between the two. Read on to understand how PCOS contributes to acne and how to deal with it.

PCOS and acne: Know the link

Dr. Anuya Pawde explains, "PCOS is a common disorder in reproductive women with symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles, hirsutism, acne and which may be the root cause of many lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, uterine cancer in the later stage of life if not controlled well."

"PCOS leads to hormonal imbalance in which a woman may experience increased levels of hormones called androgens. This largely contributes to the development of acne by making the glands in the skin produce an excess of sebum which clogs the pores and causes breakouts," Dr. Pawde adds.

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Hormonal imbalance leads to acne in PCOS
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How to fight PCOS linked acne?

PCOS related acne has to be dealt with a multidisciplinary approach that combines a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, dietary changes, and prescribed medications. You need to first control the symptoms of the condition. Here are some ways to fight these-

1. Exercise: Regular exercise is a great way to improve insulin sensitivity, to rebalance the reproductive hormones as well as to relieve stress.

2. Diet with high protein, low fat and carbohydrate along with fresh fruits is helpful. Most empirical data explain that consumption of dairy products aggravates acne, rather consume superfoods- eggs, meat, tofu, all lentils, chickpeas, beans, carrots, spinach, guava, blackberries, and oats which balance the insulin levels in the body.


A healthy diet can help manage PCOS symptoms
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3. Generally, oral contraceptive pills are suggested for regularisation of menstrual cycle as well as acne and hirsutism. But you must consult your doctor before taking these.

4. Follow a healthy skincare routine. Use water-based products as PCOS makes your skin oily.

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Maintaining overall balance of hormones by following all precautions can help control acne too. PCOD is a serious medical condition that affects a woman's body in several ways. Consult your doctor if you notice any symptoms of this condition to get access to timely treatment.

(Dr. Anuya Pawde, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology at Suasth Hospital, Navi Mumbai)

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