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Skincare Tips: Know Why It Is Crucial To Apply Sunscreen When At Home

Skincare tips: A sunscreen should be an essential part of your skincare routine. You should apply sunscreen indoors too, here's why.

Skincare Tips: Know Why It Is Crucial To Apply Sunscreen When At Home



  1. A sunscreen should be an essential part of your skincare routine
  2. Your should apply a sunscreen every day
  3. Do not miss using a sunscreen even when indoors

Reading anything about skincare brings you to one thing which is use sunscreen 365 days, but have you ever thought why is it so important? Using sunscreen not only protects your skin from UVA/B rays but it also ensures the success of other skincare ingredient you use. Expert often advise you to apply sunscreen daily and repeat it every two hours once you are out. But why is it necessary to apply sunscreen when at home? The step of applying sunscreen should never be skipped out of your skincare routine even if you're staying indoors because it's actually not the sun which perish the success of sunscreen but it's our own sweat and oil that breaks down the constituent of the same.

The human body continues to secrete oil and it's an infinite process, as a matter of fact it still continues when you are not sweating extensively. In order for it to actually work effectively it needs to form a layer on the skin. So, even if you are homebound, you are exposed to sun rays through window, lights reflected on roofs and even on the furniture. The blue light from devices is also harmful to the skin in many ways.

In order to prevent this to happen, there are two primary things that can be done are-

  • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen even when at home. One should keep in mind that before getting hands on to any sunscreen it should have minimum of 30 SPF in order to block 97% of the rays. Also, sunscreen doesn't last from one year to another as the filters lose their stability.
  • Use an anti-oxidant serum to prevent oxidation

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Skincare tips: Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day
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Why to use sunscreen?

  • It blocks the exposure to sun rays.
  • It averts pre-mature aging of skin: studies show person who have applied regular sunscreen until 55 years of age are less likely to have fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin.
  • It helps in maintaining an even skin tone: by preventing discoloration and dark spots from sun rays, sunscreen helps to maintain smoother skin.

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(Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra is a Chief Dermatologist and Director at Alive Wellness Clinics)

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