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Skincare Tips: Know The Difference Between Mineral And Chemical Sunscreen

Skincare tips: A sunscreen helps prevent your skin from sun damage. There are two major types of sunscreen. Read here to know more about these types as explained by dermatologist Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta.

Skincare Tips: Know The Difference Between Mineral And Chemical Sunscreen

You should apply sunscreen daily, even on a cloudy day


  1. Sunscreen protects your skin and prevent signs of ageing
  2. Always apply a sunscreen before stepping out
  3. There are two types of sunscreen available in the market

As the temperature is increasing, it is important to get your skin summer-ready. One of the essential skincare products that you cannot afford to miss is sunscreen. It protects your skin against sun damage and early signs of ageing. It is also important to choose the right sunscreen with an optimum amount of SPF in it. You should also apply it in the right quantity. There are two broad categories of sunscreen available, mineral sunscreen and chemical sunscreen. Each type has its own unique properties. Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta who is a dermatologist took to Instagram to explain the two types of sunscreens and what are their properties.

Skincare tips: Different types of sunscreen

Dr. Geetika writes in her post, "It's getting warmer and the one thing I make sure to never skip before stepping out is sunscreen. The most notable benefit of sunscreen is that it protects from UV rays, which can trigger many skincare issues. But do sunscreens reflect UV rays equally? To answer this, you must understand the difference between mineral and chemical-based sunscreens."

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She further explains the two types, here are all the details-

1. Mineral sunscreen

It is also known as the physical or natural sunscreens. This type contains active minerals, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The dermatologist explains that it sits on top of the skin and deflects and scatters both UVA and UVB rays. It also works immediately after application but is prone to wear off very easily.

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Skincare tips: You should reapply sunscreen if required for better protection
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2. Chemical sunscreen

One the other hand this gets absorbed into the skin. "It absorbs the UVA/UVB rays into the skin and then releases them as heat from the skin. Since chemical sunscreens contain ingredients like oxybenzone, which can cause allergies and hormonal imbalances, consult your dermatologist before adding to your routine," Dr. Geetika adds. It is also thin and can be used daily.

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Generally, mineral sunscreen is prescribed by experts. If you want to switch to chemical sunscreen you can check with your dermatologist first.

(Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta is a dermatologist at Delhi)

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