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Skincare Tips: Know When You Should Remove Makeup To Maintain Healthy Skin

Skincare tips: It is important to remove makeup at certain times to maintain healthy skin. Read here as dermatologist tells when you should remove makeup.

Skincare Tips: Know When You Should Remove Makeup To Maintain Healthy Skin

Skincare tips: Cleanse your face properly before bed to avoid acne


  1. Removing make up can help prevent clogged pores
  2. Always choose makeup and skincare according to your skin type
  3. It is necessary to remove makeup at the end of the day

Application of makeup has now become a common part of daily routine for many. Multiple makeup trends are regularly followed. But you might experience side effects of wrong usage of makeup on your skin. Not removing makeup at the right time is one of the mistakes you should be avoiding. It can lead to different skin issues like acne, blackheads, clogged pores and much more. Not just while sleeping, there are several other times when you should get keep makeup off your face. Here's a list of these.

Skincare tips: Know when to remove makeup

Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta took to Instagram to tell when you should be removing makeup. "Removing your makeup is probably the most important step for healthy skin! While most people think it's only necessary to remove at the end of the day, there are actually many scenarios that are crucial to be makeup-free," she writes in her post. Here are all the details she shared.

1. While exercising

When you exercise, your pores open and sweat is released, so it's crucial to workout with bare skin, says the dermatologist. Removing makeup before exercising help in preventing breakouts and clogged pores. So, do not forget cleanse your face properly before breaking a sweat.


Skincare: Do not forget to remove makeup before exercising
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2. Steam or sauna

Just like exercising, the steam room or sauna opens your pores and removes toxins. So, to prevent clogged pores remove makeup thoroughly with your cleanser beforehand. You should also avoid using lotion or oil for effective results from steam.

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3. Flying

"Flying can make oily skin worse and cause irritated, dry skin for others. In order to keep skin healthiest while flying, it is recommended to remove all products and applying a light moisturiser and sunscreen," says Dr. Mittal.

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4. At night

You might have heard this several times that you should remove makeup before going to bed. While sleeping your skin cells repair overnight. Removing makeup before bed prevents acne and helps your night time skincare product work wonders. So, you must go to sleep with clean skin.

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