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Skincare Tips: 11 Things To Note Before Your Salon Visit Post Lockdown

Skincare Tips: Can't wait for your long-due salon visit? Here are some things you should note.

Skincare Tips: 11 Things To Note Before Your Salon Visit Post Lockdown

Ensure that the salon staffuses fresh disposable capes, towels, bedsheets and robes


  1. Wear your mask during your salon visit
  2. Make sure you pre-book your appointment
  3. Allow the salon staff members to check your temperature

Now that the lockdown is relatively relaxed, many of you are looking forward to getting that much-required skin service, touch-up or let's just say the comforting sense of self-care which you've been missing since the last couple of months. Lest we forget the relaxing head massage or the hydrating facial which is the need of the hour for most of us. Without a doubt, most of us would be rushing to our favourite salons for these long overdue services. However, we must not forget that the virus is still looming large and that we must take certain precautions during our visit. Also due to the very nature of the business which requires you to be in close proximity with the experts, certain safety measures such as social distancing, constant sanitization and the wearing of masks are mandatory in your salon service.

Besides these, here's a list of 10 top things to keep in mind before your next salon visit after the lockdown:

1. Wear your Mask: Once you step out of your house, make sure that your mask is on all the time. You salon may also provide you with one incase you forget to carry yours.

2. Make sure to pre-book your appointment since most salons will be maintaining 50% occupancy as per government guidelines. This goes to show that salon is following social distancing norms and is ensuring your safety.

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3. Also, if you have any flu-like symptoms or are in a high risk group, wait till these symptoms subside.

4. Careful screening: Allow the salon staff members to check your temperature and fill up the self-declaration form provided.

5. Protective gear during services: You will see your hairdresser and skin expert wearing the PPE kit - face masks, hand gloves, head caps and a visor- during the service. You will also be asked to wear a mask and disposable shoe covers.

6. Single-use kits: Before embarking on any service, ensure the experts are using single-use kits. This is to ensure the elimination of sharing of products between customers, so you can avail your favourite service without any concern.

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7. Sterilisation of tools and equipment after every use: All tools and equipment - scissors, combs, hair and skin analyzers, dryers, tongs, irons -will be sterilized before and after every service.

8. Use of biodegradable disposables: Be mindful that the salon staff uses fresh disposable capes, towels, bedsheets and robes for you during the services and that they are disposed of responsibly after use.

9. New service protocols: Salons will be adopting new ways of performing services - from basics like threading and waxing to even facials. These new protocols will help minimise chances of transmission of any infection.

10. Contactless billing and payments: Salons will be adopting contactless transactions with e-bills and digital payments to avoid handling cash.

11. Contactless home delivery for post care products to ensure you can maintain the results of your service between salon visits while maintaining social distancing.

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With rigorous screening, stringent hygiene protocols, new service procedures and enhanced safety measures, you are likely to have a safe experience in the controlled salon environment across all touch points. All you need to do is be mindful of the salon surrounding and that all protocol is followed.

(Dr. Sneha Prabhudabholkar, National Creative Director - Skin, Lakme Salon)

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