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Skincare: Boost Your Blood Circulation For Better Skin Health With These Expert Tips

Skincare tips: Did you know better blood circulation is not just good for your overall health but for your skin too? Read here to know different ways to improve blood circulation for a healthy skin.

Skincare: Boost Your Blood Circulation For Better Skin Health With These Expert Tips

Skincare tips: Consuming a healthy diet can help you achieve a healthy skin


  1. Exercise regularly to boost your skin health
  2. Better blood circulations results in a healthy skin
  3. Protect your skin from pollution and sun damage to avoid skin issues

Several factors are directly or indirectly linked with your skin health. From your digestive health to the amount of stress, you need to keep a check on various important factors to achieve glowing skin. One of these is blood circulation throughout your body. Proper blood circulation is required for your body to function properly. It is also beneficial to your skin. It can provide you with a glow when combined with a healthy diet and skincare routine. It can also help you delay the signs of ageing. Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta who is a dermatologist took to social media to elaborate on the role of blood circulation for skin health and how to improve this.

Skin health: How to improve blood circulation for healthy skin

"Did you think that blood circulation improves only muscle function? Well, that's only half of the story. It can be beneficial to your skin too! When blood flows to any part of your body, it carries oxygen with it and removes toxins," Dr. Geetika mentions in her post. Here are some of her tips to boost blood circulation.

1. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise is beneficial to your overall health. It also increases your heart rate resulting in better blood circulation in your body. It is advised to exercise at least five days a week.


Exercise boosts blood circulation and help you achieve healthy skin
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2. Drink more fluids

Consuming enough fluids works wonder for your skin. It helps you get rid of toxins and brings a glow on your face. Keeping yourself hydrated also improves blood circulation to your skin and in turn, promotes nutrient intake while flushing out toxins.

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3. Eat a healthy diet

Your diet has a strong impact on your skin health. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, onions, garlic and a few spices to your diet. These increase blood flow and are also great immunity-boosters. You should also avoid consuming highly processed foods, too much sugar and salt.


Eat a nutritious diet and follow a healthy skincare routine to prevent skin issues
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4. Take cold showers

You might not be able to follow this step during the winter season. But cold water shocks your body, which gets your heart pumping faster and improves blood circulation. So, enjoy cold showers in summers or whenever possible.

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5. Try facial massages

Massages are truly the best way to improve circulation. These day facial massages have gained huge popularity. A good face massage, even for 10-15 minutes, boosts blood and lymph circulation, enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

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Try these tips today and get that glow on your face!

(Dr. Geetika Mittal is a dermatologist at Delhi)

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