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5 Skincare Secrets From Dermatologist You Must Follow To Get Flawless Skin

Skincare: A healthy skincare routine can help you prevent multiple skin issues. But you need to fix certain things for effective results. Here are some skincare tips from expert you should follow.

5 Skincare Secrets From Dermatologist You Must Follow To Get Flawless Skin

Skincare tips: Always moisturise your skin after washing your face


  1. A healthy diet promotes a healthy skin
  2. Choose skincare products according to your skin type
  3. Use water-based products if you have oily skin

You might have come across multiple tips to take care of your skin. Some might work for you while others won't. Not just your skincare routine, several other factors play a role in maintaining healthy skin. A variety of skin issues can affect your skin including acne, dry skin, signs of ageing, blackheads, dark spots and the list is endless. If you are wondering what to do and what to avoid for healthy skin, here are some secret straight from an expert that can help you achieve glowing skin.

Skincare tips from expert you should follow

1. Never miss a sunscreen

Use a sunblock irrespective of the season as the sun is pretty much still there. Sunblock is not just used for tanning but the sun can actually age your skin which can be harmful to you. So, you should use a sunblock more in terms of anti-ageing as opposed to preventing your tan.


Apply a sunscreen regularly to prevent skin damage
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2. Moisturise

Washing your face two times, in the morning and at night is essential. Moisturise your face immediately after a wash irrespective if you have oily or dry skin. If you have oily skin then use a moisturiser that is milder but does not miss it.

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3. Follow a simple skincare routine

Stick to a single skincare routine and don't include too many products in your routine. It is necessary to continue, to be consistent and to keep it as simple as possible.


Follow a simple skincare routine for healthy and glowing skin
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4. May skip toner

A lot of people feel that the astringents and toners help in tightening their open pores, that is not true, it only pulls out the moisturise from your skin. So, try to avoid it. If you're just using a face wash, moisturiser and sunblock consistently according to your skin type then that would go a long way in taking care of your skin.

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5. Add vitamin C to your routine

Vitamin C is an extremely good product for your face. It nourishes, brightens and adds the glow to your face. A night cream which has vitamin C can make a difference to your skin as it also helps in getting rid of pigmentation.

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It would be necessary to get your chemical peels that suit your skin after consulting a dermatologist rather than using the ones that are readily available in the market as it does not have the exact dilutions and concentration details of the product. Also, choose products according to your skin type and seek help from expert whenever required.

(Dr. Mikki Singh is a Cosmetic Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Trichologist and Head of Bodycraft clinic at Indiranagar)

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