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Get Radiant Skin At Home: Expert Tells How To Avoid Common Skincare Mistakes

Skincare tips: If you have been making any of these mistakes while being stuck at home, it's time to get your act right.

Get Radiant Skin At Home: Expert Tells How To Avoid Common Skincare Mistakes

Skincare: Do not wash your face more than two times day to prevent dryness


  1. Do not use two products with the same ingredients
  2. Use products according to your skin requirements
  3. Do not overwash your face during the day

A healthy skincare routine is necessary to keep skin issues at bay. When the market is loaded with a variety of products, you are likely to make several mistakes while using these. Celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Kiran took to Instagram to share a few mistakes you should be avoiding for a healthy skin. She says that a lot of people have been making a lot of mistakes when it comes to taking proper care of their skin. She further adds how not to repeat the same mistakes that mess up your skin.

Skincare tips: Avoid these common mistakes

1. Avoid using multiple products with the same ingredients:

"A lot of people buy a lot of these expensive creams and use them all, but don't do that," says Dr. Kiran. She suggests that we look at the ingredients and avoid using products with similar ingredients at the same time. "If you are using retinol, only use one... Don't use more products with similar ingredients; it will only make your skin sensitive, inflamed and rashy," she said.


Do not use multiple products with similar ingredients at the same time, says expert
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2. Give your skin the time it needs:

The dermatologist adds even if you are buying multiple products, try only one at a time, adding no array of skin care products is "not going to transform you in a day, everything takes time".

"Give your skin the time it needs," she says, adding if a product doesn't work, you can try another.

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3. Over washing or cleansing, not the solution:

Another issue she underlines is that a lot of people over wash and cleanse, meaning they wash their face multiple times which leads to dry skin. "You don't have to use a cleanser more than twice a day. If you feel sweaty or greasy, water is enough," she says, adding overdoing it is also an issue.

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And the last thing Dr. Kiran stresses is not to do more than you need to do, which means you understand your skin better than anyone else and therefore you shouldn't start using more products just for the sake of it. Do only what needs to be done, simple.

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