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Summer Skincare Tips: 3 Things To Remember Before You Step Out In The Sun

Summer skincare tips: Dermatologist Dr Rashmi Shetty tells you what you need to do to protect your skin from any sun damage.

Summer Skincare Tips: 3 Things To Remember Before You Step Out In The Sun

Summer skincare tips: Apply sunscreen daily to prevent sun damage


  1. You should apply sunscreen daily
  2. Too much sun exposure can damage your skin
  3. Provide adequate nutrition to your skin

Exposure to sunlight is essential for your health in various ways. Sunlight is required to maintain optimal levels of vitamin D, reduce stress and even supports functioning of your immune system. But how much sunlight is too much sunlight? Along with its benefits, exposure to the sun's harsh rays can also take a toll on the skin. To explain how to circumvent this situation, dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty shared some tips on preventing sun damage to the skin. In a three-pointer guide on Instagram, she tells her followers to stick to some basic rules before stepping out. These include useful hacks to protect yourself from the sun.

Summer skincare tips: Here's what you should do before sun exposure

1. Hydrate

It is important to hydrate your skin with good serum regularly. It is equally pertinent to drink water and ensure that your skin is also hydrated from within at all times. In the caption, Dr Shetty writes, "Hydrate your skin from within by having enough fluids and supplements and applying hydrating serums and moisturisers on your skin."


Skincare tips: Keep your skin hydrated to prevent sun damage
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2. The right sunscreen

The dermatologist also asked us to choose and regularly use a good sunscreen. She adds that it should not be sticky but strong enough to protect the skin. A big dollop of sunscreen lotion should be enough, the doctor said. "Make sure it (the sunscreen) is SPF 30 at least, also IR protection. Enough quantity is required to give you the protection as mentioned in the case," writes Dr Shetty.

3. Supplements, the internal sunscreen

Your skincare regime is incomplete without taking care of it from within. And this can be done by consuming the right nutrition. Dr. Shetty recommends consuming "antioxidants that protect you against the UV damage from within."

As Dr. Shetty suggests, also make sure to find a remedy for the skin that has already been damaged due to sun exposure. This can be achieved by avoiding scrubbing the skin or steering away from Vitamin C based night cream for a while.

So, before you click those sun-kissed photos, make sure you remember to take care of your skin.

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