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Choose Your Skincare Essentials Wisely! Here's How You Can Select The Right Product According To Your Skin Type

Skincare tips: It is important to choose right skincare products for healthy skin. But many fail to understand what their skin actually needs. Read here to know as expert explains the need to choose skincare products wisely.

Choose Your Skincare Essentials Wisely! Heres How You Can Select The Right Product According To Your Skin Type

Skincare tips: It is essential to choose the products according to your skin type


  1. A healthy skincare routine should involve products according to skin type
  2. One product may not work well for everyone
  3. Check with your dermatologist to know your skin type better

Choosing the best skin care products can be tiresome. You might have come across several suggestions that might make you choose a particular product. But it is important to understand that every skin type is different. One particular product may not offer you the same results as others. There are a variety of factors that play a role while choosing the best skin care product for your skin type. Dr. Rashmi Shetty who is a dermatologist took to Instagram to elaborate the right way to choose skincare products for your skin type. Keep reading to know her insights on the same.

Skincare: Know how to choose skincare products

Dr. Shetty says, "One product cannot work wonders for everyone. Each skin type has its own qualities and problems. The environment around you and your age also affect your skin health. So, how can one cream suit all? If you see an expert or someone else speak about a product, it does not mean that it is good for everyone."

"If an expert says that this particular product is great. It means that in the whole category this is a good product with the right combination of ingredients. But it doesn't mean it will suit everyone's skin. Every good product may or may not be good for your skin in particular," she further adds.

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Skincare tips: Understand your skin type to select the best products for your skin
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What should you do?

The dermatologist further mentions, "When you see information on the internet or any other platform, do not immediately start using it the very next day. Find out more about the product, its ingredients, whether it will suit your skin type or not and much more."

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Check with your dermatologist before sticking to a particular product. You will know more about your skin care product and how to use them safely.

(Dr. Rashmi Shetty is a Dermatologist and Expert in Aesthetics at Mumbai and Hyderabad)

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