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Pooja Makhija Shares Nutrition Hacks For Oral Sunscreen

Celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija tells us all about oral sunscreen in her latest Instagram Reel.

Pooja Makhija Shares Nutrition Hacks For Oral Sunscreen

Let's use oral sunscreen to keep our skin protected

Sunscreen is an essential part of our daily skincare routine. Stepping out in the sun without wearing sunscreen is a big NO. But, are you aware of oral sunscreen? Well, simply put, it includes supplements loaded with antioxidants that protect your skin internally and serve the same purpose as your topical sunscreens. To tell you more about it, celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija posted Reels with a detailed caption. She stated, "Only protecting your skin with topical sunscreen? Let's double the benefits inside out. Antioxidants help protect the skin from oxidative damage caused by sun exposure by inhibiting the generation of reactive oxygen species, also preventing damage to the DNA and accelerating the removal of UV-induced photoproducts."

Pooja stated that the main purpose of sunscreen is to have a photoprotective action against photo-ageing as well as sunburn. She informed, “When antioxidants are taken in the diet from the inside, they work magic at a cellular as well as a molecular level.”

Some of the benefits of antioxidants are:

1. Uniform protection

Antioxidants when taken in the diet ensure that your skin gets uniform protection.

2. No need to reapply

You may sweat throughout the day or take a bath, but when you consume antioxidants in your diet, you will not have to reapply them time and again.

3. No allergic reactions or acne

The antioxidants taken in the diet do not have any adverse effects on your skin. You will not have any allergic reactions or even acne for that matter.

4. Enhances skin glow

Oral sunscreens help you have glowing skin.

5. Prevents ageing

Oral sunscreens prevent ageing and serve as one of your major purposes behind using sunscreen. 

Further, Pooja mentioned details about the two most happening antioxidants for sunscreen effect:

1. Resveratrol - It is found in some food items like red wine as well as cacao.

2. Astaxanthin - It is found in trout, salmon and lobster.

“Yes, the diet is great but when you take it as oral supplements from the inside, they work magic sunscreen for you”, she added. Oral sunscreens not only prevent the damage but also improve elasticity, wrinkles, pigmentation, which are caused because of sunburn. To this concoction, throw a little bit of glutathione and you've got yourself a magical sunscreen from the inside, Pooja said.

Take a look:

So, if you have never tried oral sunscreen, it's time you think of including it in your skincare regime.

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